With Love... at Toronto Fashion Week

Hello Darlings,

Last night Andrew and I  and couple of friends attended a Gotstyle Menswear Made in Canada which was absolutely amazing, every piece in the multiple collections was perfection...The multiple collections that were presented were all very unique and beautiful,  I loved it as did Andrew! We all had an amazing time at the show! Including a run into David Dixon... :P However I didn't want to bother him and was to0 shy to ask for a photo!

At the Gotstyle Menswear Made in Canada Show

Since this was my first Fashion Week, my first impressions are quite wonderful. We came in a bit early, enjoyed some wine discussed the atmosphere and the others collections that our friends have seen...it was very busy and crowded! Some people were very friendly, other were not so polite...but most were very well dresses :)  I though that it was a lot of fun and will definitely be returning next season, hopefully to see more show and to do less exam studying.I have always supported Canadian talent and artistic culture and will continue to do so.

Owner and Founder Melissa Austria.

As many of your know I was a bit intimidated going since I wasn't sure what to except. Initially, I think that people make a too big of a deal and hype around such events, in my eyes it is a wonderful opportunity to get out, support Canadian talents, enjoy yourself and  your company. It is definitely a fun event and should be mostly enjoyed while trying to keep the stress levels to a minimum!!! It is a great experience and I am glad that I have had an opportunity to experience it!

As for my outfit, well that was quite a dilemma since following the fashion show Andrew and I attended a birthday dinner and then a party. I settled for my safe choice, Alexander Wang dress but decided to pair with a pair of fun two-tone tights. Since it was cold and raining, I topped of my outfit with my Mackage leather jacket and my uber-comfortable Pedro Garcia mary janes. I was comfortable and felt great and that was the most important thing for me. Usually, when I am nervous about certain events...I settle for an outfit that I love and feel confident in. And this Alexander Wang dress is always my first choice. I love how simple  and easy it is to wear...I don't think that I will ever tire of it :)

Well, I am off to study... I have yet another exam... to be exact a French mid-term.And then to catch a movie with Andrew.

P.S. I apologize for the commenting  problems, things are back to normal!

I wish you all a beautiful weekend!!!

With Love...


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