With Him In Mind: Dressing for a Date

Hello Darlings,

Every woman, at one time or another, feels like a giddy school girl while getting ready for that big date. As some were getting ready for their first date, or an anniversary, I was dolling up for a Saturday night date. With no special occasion or a reason, it was just for us. I happen to believe that such no-special-occasion dates are what takes a couple from one anniversary to the next.

It is the time that you spend on each other that gets you through "dailies" when things are not that hot. It is those special moments spent together that make each fight worth forgiving and forgetting. And of course, there is a reason why people say that relationships take work. That is because they do! To maintain that single girl charm and flirtatiousness when in a committed relationship takes work, but isn't he worth it?

When getting ready for that hot date—staying in or going out—keep him in mind. As it is that special effort of looking especially sassy on your date night that makes a man's heart flutter over and again. Even if you have been together for what feels like forever, never give up on that sparkle and never forget to dress up just for him.

If you're going on a dinner date why not dress up? After all it is your moment to shine. There are very few things that are more appealing than a beautiful woman dressed for a fabulous dinner. Think: a cocktail dress!

If you're staying in why not dress down? After all it is your moment to seduce. If it's a movie night, why not dim the lights, pour a glass of wine and slip into your cutest teddy. Think: silk and lace!

As for my Saturday night date look, I was going for effortless and simple. The dress I chose was a simple silk mini with a beautiful open back.In my mind, the dramatic sleeves and the sleek boots created a wonderful contrast while orange added a touch of fun. As I carefully thought out the details of my so called "effortless" look that took five changes and received an enthusiastic sign of approval, the night was ready to begin.

Winter Kate Chiffon Dress
La Baccarina Leather and Suede Boots
Zara Wool Double-Breasted Coat
Coach Madison Leather Lindsey Satchel
Club Monaco Leather Gloves
There is nothing quite as exciting as spending a few hours over a delicious dinner  with a man whose company never gets dull. This was my Saturday night at the charming hideout on King Street West called Buca. The restaurant is hidden away in an alley and features a beautiful décor. Most importantly, the food and wine selection were delightful! It is a perfect spot for a date night and I am certainty looking forward to going back.

Of course my fair ladies do remember when it comes to love: As Maureen Dowd said, " The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for."

With Love...


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