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Hello Darlings,

I hope everyone had a beautiful and relaxing weekend! AND Happy SPRING!!!

I spent most of my weekend on the move.... either running errands, catching up on appointments, grabbing coffee and cookies with one of my girlies, Moroco Chocolat with Andrew; Bier Markt with friends, shopping with mom, writing, reading, more writing, and of course working on new posts!

With so much school work, prior commitments, social plans...oh did I mention, school?... it can get a bit overwhelming! Despite the stress, I love this blog. I find it to be very rewarding, especially since I’ve had the privilege of meeting so many wonderful people such as you. Currently, I am working on a few exciting projects from creating an ebay store that I am hoping to introduce this week, to a spring lookbook, to vlog, to a prom post! And of course, sending out my first official newsletter (you can sign up here!). Many of these "developments" are a part of my so called mission and are taking lots of time, effort and thought!  Therefore, darlings...thank you for being patient! I will keep you updated on the progress...although things are finally starting to come together!

As for the outfit, this is a little number that I pulled together for a quick shopping date with mom! Nothing complicated as it is best to have easy on-and-off access when shopping. For shopping trips, I try to wear some of my favorite staples such as heel, favorite jacket, and opaque tights. That way I can see how certain items will work with items that I already own. It is best to buy things that will compliment your wardrobe.

I am wearing: Wilfred Nude Cropped Top ( from Aritzia); French Connection Skirt ( from French Connection); Calvin Klein Opaque Tights ( from Winners); Mike & Chris  "Paul" Leather Hoodie ( from Holts Last Call); Stella McCartney Sock Booties( gift from parents); Ray Ban Wayfarers ( gift from Andrew); Michael Kors watch ( gift from Andrew); Gustto Cokera purse ( from Revolve Clothing).

For example, my current go-to-jacket is the new Mike & Chris leather hoodie. In order to find items that will work perfectly with the jacket, I made sure to wear it shopping. That way I will know the items that work with it and those that don’t. The idea is to plan ahead, as I no longer shop just for the sake of shopping. Instead, I carefully plan out a goal for every shopping trip.

I was also looking for items such as skirts and dresses that would look well with black opaque tights. By wearing the tights, I made sure that the items that I was trying on were not too light in fabric and therefore did not display an outline of the tights. Also some shapes and fabrics do not look nice with tights! By thinking ahead and wearing items that are regularly incorporate into your daily outfit will take the guessing part out of the shopping.

My point is: when you’re shopping with a specific idea in mind, you can come prepared and purchase items that will work perfectly with the pieces that you already own. That way you will avoid making returns, wasting precious time aimlessly trying everything on, and be a step closer towards understanding what it is that you really need rather than want. This is a small part of my “mission” and to be quite honest, I’ve been seeing a huge improvement in my wardrobe and my wallet in the past two months that I’ve made this promise!

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Well, I am off for my date with a hair dresser...she is the greatest, I don't know what I or my hair would do without her. Also, Toronto Fashion Week is also on the horizon...Yay for March 28 to April 1! Looking forward to finishing up with all of my essays and just taking a day or two off before final exams!

Wishing Everyone a Beautiful Monday!!!

With Love...


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