Why Go Overboard for Special Occassions and Life Events...

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I've been raised to believe that regardless of the time and day, a woman is supposed to look exceptionally pulled together. No, I do not mean in a forced way but in a way that looks natural and effortless. A woman should  look polished and neat which I guess would explain why I like curling my eyelashes right after I brush my teeth and apply the moisturizer. It makes me feel beautiful and girl-y, even if all that I am doing is making breakfast or hitting the books.

So, can we apply the same mentality of effortless and natural when it comes to special occasions or life events? Such as browsing through a million of wedding dresses while looking for that perfect one. Or standing in the fitting room and speaking up against the hideous cupcake of a dress that is means to be worn not only by you but by the rest of bridesmaids. Or when searching for a perfect day-dress to wear at your baby shower. OR  when looking for a black-tie gown OR a new year's eve frock  OR to celebrate the big promotion…. OR, OR, OR… the options are endless.

Although the idea is to stay true to ourselves in every aspect of our lives, it seems that the moment we associate anything with a special occasion…our “Freak Out” siren goes off.  We lose that effortless and natural approach that we so perfectly apply in our everyday life and go overboard! This idea of going overboard is simply caused by fear; a fear of failing to impress or to break some kind of fashion rule. As a result, we lose that unique and individual touch that makes us…US. So what can we do?

Here are some of the things that I keep in mind when searching for that "special something"...

1. Do not wait until last minute.

  • As a result you will pay much more and have  a lot less to chose from.
  • When you’re shopping and come across an item that you love and know for a fact that you would wear when “there is the right time and place”, do not hesitate to try.
  • If you can afford to buy that extra item, do so.
  • It is always a good idea to have a going out option sitting in your closet.
  • Do not forget to take advantage of sales.

2. “ Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it’s not luxury”

  • This Chanel adage should be kept in mind at all times.
  • Style and fashion are all about luxury and fantasy, however it is pointless to own something that is beautiful when it is not comfortable and does not make you feel great.
  • Luxury does not mean overboard or fancy, it can be as simple as a silk blouse.
  • Luxury is being able to stay true to you.

3. Dress to impress.

  • The person that you need to impress is yourself!
  • Wear what makes you feel beautiful.
  • Disregard a fact that your best friend might hate your style or your boyfriend might not understand a point of harem pants, wear what your little heart desires.
  • If you don’t like skirts and dresses, then don’t go for the girlish frock out there. Stick to what you feel comfortable in but explore a little. Go for a pair of silk trousers!

4. Decide on Formality

  • The event invitation will usually specify the dress code. To decipher it, check out this post.
  • The later, the dressier. After 6 p.m. dress up!
  • Long dresses are usually meant for formal occasions or black tie.

5. Material , Structure and Fit

  • Regardless of how beautiful something might look on the hanger or another person. Always try it on and see what it looks like on you.
  • Keep in mind your body shape and dress for it. Highlight your favorite features.
  • The quality of material is important, I prefer silk. If you’re looking for something more glamorous go for a touch of feathers or sequence. However always make sure that the additions are sewn on well and do not have defects.
  • Some fabrics—silk,brocade, organza, jersey—are great year-around. Meanwhile, velvet and gold spangles are best while worn during the holidays.
  • Structure of the garment and the way materials falls if key when going for simple and elegant. Make sure that you study the garment from every direction.

Most importantly just be yourself and dress in a way that makes you feel beautiful!

P.S. I will be back soon with my New Year's look...

What are some of your guidelines when shopping or getting ready for a special occasion?

With Love...


Images Courtesy: L'Officiel  Ukraine

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