When Should You Know It's Over

Hello Darlings, Without reading too much into this, or thinking there is a developing  trend with two relationship articles in a row, but I thought to follow up yesterday's article — Stop, Before Kissing That Boy — with an article on when should you know that your relationship is over. I put my research skills to a good use and was astonished to learn that 48% of marriages end up in divorce .

My research also showed additional unpleasant facts including:

• Almost 75% of Canadian divorces are being initiated by women.

• One year after separation or divorce, 50% of children of divorced or separated families never see their fathers again.

• First marriages have about a 50% chance of ending in divorce , that risk becomes greater with each successive marriage (about 72% for second, and about 85% for third marriages).

So despite his current despair, Robert Pattinson is better off knowing now that Kristen Stewart is a cheat, than he would be to learn this later if they were to get married. And obviously the same could be said for everyone reading this - the best way to avoid a messy divorce is to never marry the person in the first place.

Nowadays,  many parents seemingly want their kids to move out by their early twenties and it's common in our culture for young couples to live together. The convenience of living with your best friend and lover is a natural temptation, not to mention the benefits of sharing expenses. But an ugly downside is that convenience leads to commitment and dependence that may not be so easy to break away from.

In my experience, every relationship is unique and there are no sure rules as to when you should call it quits. Cheating is a clear sign since that person has already essentially moved on and just perhaps too cowardly or selfish to deal with the consequence of unwinding the relationship. In the case of Kristen,  according to the tabloids she was living with Robert Pattinson when the affair with Rupert Sanders took place, and understandably it is no small thing to move all of your belongings out of a house. Just the same though, everyone should have enough self-respect to know things aren't working and try to end things amicably.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Should couples live together? Do you believe in marriage? 

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