What's So Good About Pinterest?

Hello Darlings, Once in a while a girl comes across certain things that make her everyday life more fun. My two most recent discoveries are florals and Pinterest, which may seem as completely different things, but one did influence the other. And with how fast people seem to be adopting Pinterest, I thought to add my 2 cents about why it's making my everyday life more interesting.

Marta Tryshak in Rebecca Taylor Dress

New social media options are introduced seemingly every week. Let's recap: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Tumblr are the main ones that I am using (and already struggling to keep up with regular updates). Still, the latest addition to the mix is worth checking out, which is Pinterest.

Pinterest hit 11.7 million unique visitors in the US last month; most were women. Essentially, it allows you to create a scrapbook on the internet. You create a board on any topic you want, then just pin photos that inspire you on the board.  For instance, I have a board for my Spring/Summer To-Buy List, and another board for Inspiring Outifts. The layout makes it easy to organize all the photos you like in one place. And then, the "follow" feature is what makes Pinterest most addictive since you can follow different boards from people who interest you, so you can have a constant flow of creative ideas on topics that interest you.

I AM WEARING: Rebecca Taylor Silk Floral Dress // Theodora & Callum Biarritz Song Holiday Wedges

Connecting the dots between Pinterest and florals — I have never been a big fan of florals. It is amazing how a few well pulled together outfits on Pinterest boards have inspired me to pull out this Rebecca Taylor dress!

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