What is it with women and rain boots...?

Hello Darlings,

Today was rainy and it seemed every girl age 2 to 92 wore rubber rain boots. I just don't understand why women wear rubber rain boots as a fashion statement... even when it's not raining. It's as if rain boots are the new Uggs, even worn in winter. What is it about rain boots that women love so much?


Seen today "casual shopping" were three women arguing over a pair of $150 Juicy Couture rain boots.... Why would 20 year old women argue over rubber rain boots? It's not as if they are Christian Louboutin or Jimmy Choo. If this wasn't a "loud" enough indication how much women love rain boots, the price tag designers charge is... Why does rubber cost $150? Just because of the designer name?...




Not to pass undue judgment... Wet feet suck, but there are options other than wearing rubber  boots. Sure if you live in the country and it's often muddy, rain boots are practical. But it's rare to find muddy side walks in the city... Plus, do you wear your rain boots indoors, lets say in an office building, in Starbucks, in a restaurant, or a shopping mall???

The role for rain boots in my life are :

♥  Walking my dog when it is pouring and muddy. ♥  Walk in the country if mud is unavoidable. ♥  At the cottage and out for a walk during or after rain.


Then again I don't understand why people love Uggs.  My rain boots are Michael Kors duck boots... Nothing cute or pretty, but "uniquely ugly", water-proof, warm and comfortable.


I am wearing:

Spring &Clifton V-Neck Cardi

Michael Kors Duck Boots

14k diamond ring courtesy Ice. com Jewelers


Fingers crossed that tomorrow is going to be a sunny day.

I wish you all a lovely day!!!
With Love... Marta


Source: jak&jil; the fashion spot.

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