Variation of Stripes...

Hello Darlings, 

I've been bombarded with essays (and it is just starting)... many of which require a visit or two to the Art Gallery of Ontario (which was recently remodeled by Frank Gehry - so exciting). I am definitely looking forward to aimlessly staring at the work of art for an hour, strictly instructed by my profs. Why an hour? I am not sure... but I will definitely update you on my experience, lol.


As for my outfit, since I spent most of today in the library or having coffee - dessert breaks, I went for simple and comfortable. I might give up certain things (dresses and skirts) for comfort but not heels. I refuse to give them up just because it is a bit icy outside. BUT like any good sport, hobby, or talent it takes patience and practice to learn how to balance on ice in heels, lol. Don't practice in public though... lol

Why am I talking about shoes, when this post is about my obsession with stripes....

I'm one of those people who doesn't have much color in my wardrobe, but one thing that I do have is variation of stripes... really I have at least a dozen pieces with variations of stripes. I find stripes effortless chic.

My latest stripe find was this Ralph Lauren top. It really does add a touch of interest to an all black outfit :) You will definately see a lot of it. Another obsession is the leather jacket - I think that it was the best splurge, I wear it all the time.

I am wearing:
Mackage leather jacket
Moschino Suede Gloves 
Gap Leather Purse
Michael Kors Booties

Yup, I still wear gloves. I just really love my hands to be toasty. And since spring is in the air - I decided to brighten up my day. By painting my nails bright pink and to my surprise it complemented the blacks and grays of my outfit perfectly.

P.S. Although I get low lights every few months to add shine and dimension to my natural hair color...

I was thinking of getting a bit of highlights, maybe honey brow?

What do you think I should do with my hair?

Can't wait for the warm weather....

I am so excited for the spring time... and definitely dedicating lots of time to creating my "inspiration list" and "to buy list". I am going through every spring/summer 2009 fashion show and deciding on the trends, colors, themes, etc that I am currently loving and needs o buy!!! This whole process is almost as fun as shopping itself, well in a way...

P.S. I am definately looking forward to this weekend and to have a chance to catch up with your lovely blogs !!!!

I wish you all a beautiful spring day !!!

With Love... Marta

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