Transition into the game....

Hello Darlings,

I love this weather, despite the occasional rains and low temperatures, it has been quite beautiful!

The beauty of this season is also often times evident in our closets. With spring comes a whole new concept of dressing. No longer do we look towards our bulkiest and thickest garments, but rather break free into something light and airy. This is why I adore spring, and of course because of my obsession with finding transition pieces!

Transition piece is a garment that can take you from one season to the next. It is not only economical but also tends to be a garment that you really adore. Most of my transition pieces are some of my favorite items that I hate putting away, so I just incorporate them into different outfits all year around. I love finding transition pieces and every time I do, I am overly excited. Does it sound strange that clothes get me this excited? :P I just love finding exactly what I am looking for!

My latest transition piece is this awesome pair of Talula Babaton shorts from Aritzia! I saw them, I loved them, and I’ve been wearing them non-stop ever since I bought them!  And of course, I just had to stag that adorable belt as the two went so perfectly together. Honestly, I feel like I own half of Aritzia, I just adore the store for it’s simple and easy pieces. Did I mention that it is 100% Canadian! What is there not to love!

As for the outfit, well this is a little number that I wore to Toronto Maple Leafs game a few days ago. For those of you who don’t know, Canada is the Hockey Nation! We LOVE hockey, some live for it! Hockey in Canada is probably THE most important event and every game here is just as important as a Stanley Cup playoffs! You get my point, Hockey is OUR Sport! (hahha….we did get the Olympic gold, both men’s and women’s…I know I am gushing with pride).  We even have a Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. CANADA LOVES HOCKEY!!! And as do I…I am a huge sports fan. Whoever said that a girly-girl can’t be a tomboy at heart is crazy :P

I am wearing: Talula Babaton Shorts (from Aritzia, Sherway); Club Monaco Sweater (from Club Monaco,Sherway); Mike & Chris "Paul"  leather hoodie (from Holts Last Call); Calvin Klein opaque tights (from Winners); Kors by Michael Kors Eagle Boots (from Winners); Wilfred Leather Belt (from Aritzia, Sherway); Michael Kors Watch (gift from Andrew); Ray Ban Wayfarers (gift from Andrew).

I tend to wear comfortable clothing for the games, because you do not want to look like one of those girls wearing a mini skirt with a belly-baring shirt in an ice arena with 80% male attendees :P So, I settled for a pair of boots, shorts, and a simple sweater! Nothing fancy, but still felt totally cute. I think that the only thing that bothers me about these shorts is their wrinkling factor...if you sit for prolonged periods of time, you get bombarded by wrinkles. I wonder, if there  is such a thing as a small, portable, steamer that would fit comfortably into a purse? Because if there is someone needs to tell me, I cannot stand the sight of wrinkles!!! On a more positive note, I still really love the shorts :P

And  I will leave you with this awesome image of a good old sportsmanship bum high-five.Notice the detail of the referee and 41 :P

Well, I am off...just working on my last essay :) My lecture end this week! Just final exams and voila!

P.S. Stay tuned, I have a prom post coming up for all those darlings who are planning their special evening and for those of us who just want to reminiscent of  the good old times.

I will share with you some of my prom pictures and the blond days :P I am also working on the store, this whole Ebay thing is complicated...I think I've read a over 100 pages of instructions on what not to do :P And my official newsletter is almost ready for a send out, so if you would like to receive one sign up HERE!!!

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See you in a tiny bit, probably a day  :)

But for now, thank you for reading and supporting With Love...

Wishing Everyone a Beautiful Day!!!!

With Love...


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