Toronto Fashion Week Last Day: What To Wear? What To See?

Hello Darlings,

On the last day of Toronto Fashion Week, I watched the runway shows of Sarah Stevenson, Diepo and Anu Raina. I also stopped by the Spoke Club to check out the Versace fall 2011 show.

Spoke Club, a members- only club located on King Street, always puts on fabulous designer shows with themed evening soirees throughout Toronto Fashion Week; last season I checked out Alexander Wang, and this time around it was all about the glamorous world of Versace House. Of course, having had an opportunity to be surrounded by such wonderful Canadian talent definitely made me feel very patriotic.  I am definitely looking forward to next season, and to having my first opportunity to check out Miami Fashion Week this upcoming fall.

This being the last Fashion Week post, I wanted to focus not only on the designers but also on the idea and experience of attending a fashion week. I will also break down what the hype is all about…. So here we go!  What wear? Who to see?

Why Bother????

In the past few years, a whole new culture has developed around editors and fashion insiders’ outfits as they parade their designer bests to a variety of shows. Street style photographers have become stars, and the ladies and gentlemen behind the pages of magazines have become icons. Up until a couple of years ago outside the privileged few these events were an inaccessible arena for the everyday crowds, those that actually drive the industry and the success behind it. I can’t necessarily say that I want to become a part of the fashion industry, as I’ve always been more focused on my career in arts, however I believe that being a blogger and having an opinion that is heard is a true honor.

In fact, I am proud to announce that my blog has reached the 35,000 viewers/month mark!!! Thank you all so much for your support! As part of the experience, I want everyone to be able to have access to an industry that surrounds us; I want everyone to have an honest and real idea of how it works, and not just the view that is marketed to us. Although it is glamorous on the outside, from the inside, it is just like any other industry! It is a lot of hard work and there is something about fashion that people seem to think gives the right to snobbery and crappy manners. Personally, I have had a great experience but some outside sources have mentioned that the organization and politeness factors could have been kicked up a notch.

I blog because I love blogging and genuine interaction with my readers, not for acceptance within the fashion community; all I want is to have an interesting experience and a great time. At the end of the day having your support is and listening to your opinion is all I care about. So why bother attending Fashion Week? Well for one, Canada has incredible talent and I wanted to show my support. Secondly, I think that opening a bridge from the inside of the fashion world to the public is incredibly important :) This little deed is my step in the right direction!

What to Wear?

This is the question on everyone’s mind, but really freaking out about it or trying to impress is hands down the worst approach. Trust me, I’ve been there and done that! So this time around, if I wanted casual I just wore casual. If I wanted evening wear… well, I wore evening wear! Being in an atmosphere where most of the people there don’t feel 100% comfortable (and if they say they do then most likely they are lying), the best thing is to be comfortable in your own skin, so my approach was to stay true to my personal style. Day 5 for me was all about personal style: I wore a flow-y skirt with a simple cashmere turtleneck.  It is a new combination for me but it is one that I loved….what do you think about this over-the-knee skirt?

Image courtesy: Stain Photography
I am wearing:
Club Monaco Jasmine Cashmere Sweater
Club Monaco Pamela Silk Skirt
Mike & Chris "Paul" Leather Hoodie
La Baccarina Leather Thigh-High Boots
Z Spoke by Zac Posen Purse
Michael Kors Watch
Who to See?

Although I wish I could have seen everyone, I simply couldn’t. In some cases, my schoolwork was a factor, and in others, I wasn’t invited; however, I was very honored to receive the opportunities that I did. For day 5, I had an opportunity to see Sarah Stevenson’s charming and mysterious collection followed by a trip backstage to interview her (the interview will come as a vlog as soon as I figure out how to edit videos!) I then had an opportunity to check Diepo whose simple collection and clean lines left me wanting just a bit more. At Diepo, I had an opportunity to meet Robin Kay and snatch up a very cute goodie bag that was filled with yummy treats and a personal selection of items from the designers - thank you to them for a lovely treat! The last show for the day was Anu Raina, where I had the opportunity to sit front row for the first time.

My favorite part of Sarah Stevenson was the dreamy dresses that would look killer with my thigh-high boots. Diepo’s interesting blazers were definitely crave-worthy! As for Anu Raina, I really loved all of the silk!!! Silk is competing with cashmere for the top of my “favourite fabrics” list  :)

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That’s a wrap for Toronto Fashion Week… the next post is a guest post on female online safety!!!! For more photos from Toronto Fashion Week check out the facebook page! Thanks :)

What do you think of bloggers having more access to the inside world of fashion? Do you think that fashion weeks (regardless of the city) should be more accessible to the general public??

Wishing Everyone a Wonderful Monday!!!

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