Toronto Fashion Week: Day 2 Favorites...

Hello Darlings

Well, Toronto Fashion Week is already in its day 3 and I am ready to show you my favorites from Day 2 as I wasn't particularity in love with anything from Day 1.

Although I adore all of the collections and are my absolute favorites!

Travis Taddeo Spring 2010

Jason Meyers Spring 2010

My favorite of the day... I really loved the cute dresses!

David Dixon Spring 2010

Very classic and elegent. I feel like this collection was targted to a more mature audience, meanwhile the Barbie collection was for younger generation. This one just screams maturity and grace and thats why I love it so much. Its timeless!

Barbie by David Dixon Spring 2010

Well, the name says it ... its all about Barbie and Ken. I think that the collection was sweet and young, but my favorite part was the mens wear. I just adored the classic looks with quicky approach.

So, darlings now it is your turn....what do you think of Day 2? Any favorites or opposite.... Please do share, I love your feedback especially since it is about Canadian fashion scene which many of you  are not familiar with :)

Well, I  just finished my French comprehension test... and I am off to review for tomorrow's midterm! Wish me luck.

You guys are the greatest!

I wish you all a beautiful day!

With Love...


Source: Flare Magazine; Elle Canada Magazine; Fashion Magazine.
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