Lesson of Thigh High Boots

Hello Darlings, If you think of Thigh High Boots — a likely thing that comes to mind is Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman strutting down Rodeo Drive. Click here to see a photo of her outfit. Case in point why thigh high boots do not have the greatest of reputations!

Wearing thigh high boots is always walking a fine line. I will argue that every woman needs a little risque in her life but not necessarily while strutting down the street. So what is it about thigh high boots that made me fall in love with them? As surprising as it might sound, the answer is practicality!

Living in Canada and especially traveling between snowy Montreal and slushy Toronto, poses a unique set of problems to find a perfect pair of shoes for diverse winter weather. Suede won't survive the winter, booties get flooded, and heels are entirely out of question. So when it comes to cocktail hour, every girl is left with a limited choice of fabulous footwear. It's a choice between boots and boots? Not very inspiring, and certainly not very fabulous!

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La Baccarina Thigh High Boots

This is where a pair of sleek leather thigh high boots comes in. Depending on what you wear them with, they can make your outfit  look extraordinary. The trick is to find a pair that is simple and classic, meaning avoid crazy platforms and definitely no patent leather.

I have first hand knowledge that thigh high boots can not only be fierce looking, but they can be warm and also quite practical. So if ever you see a pair that catches your eye, do not hesitate to try! Thoughts?

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