Bahamas: The Cove Atlantis

Bahamas: The Cove Atlantis

Hello Darlings,"We live for nights that spontaneous decisions become awesome adventures." One quote that so perfectly describes my last  trip to Bahamas. As I was packing for a last minute trip to Bahamas on Monday evening, I realized that spontaneity is truly the spice of life. There was something so exhilarating and thrilling about going on a trip that took less than 24 hours to plan!

On a random Sunday night my friend decided that we should go to Bahamas on Tuesday.  I received a simple, " Let's go to Bahamas" text from her. Not the one to pass up on an adventure or an opportunity to travel to a new place, I was all in. Within an hour we were booked and leaving behind the stormy Toronto weather for Bahamian sunshine. From a random but brilliant idea I was lounging on a daybed and sipping on a mojito at the beautiful Cane pool at The Cove Atlantis in Bahamas just 24 hours later. I was in heaven!

While for some such spontaneity may cause anxiety but I assure you that it is worth taking a plunge and going for it. I know that not everyone is able to just get up and go but when the timing and opportunity  do align please do not think twice but rather just go for it. When it comes to travel, I truly believe that it is one thing that you can spend money on and it will make you richer and without a doubt happier. The vast experience of going to a new place and meeting new people is a lesson in life that will continue giving .

I AM WEARING:    Tommy Hilfiger    Stripes Bikini //    Wilfred    Capucine T-Shirt //    Citizens of Humanity    Denim Shorts //    Tory Burch    Leighanne Sandals //    Kate Spade    for Starwood Tote //    Bulgari    Cat Eye Sunglasses

I AM WEARING:Tommy Hilfiger Stripes Bikini // Wilfred Capucine T-Shirt // Citizens of Humanity Denim Shorts // Tory Burch Leighanne Sandals // Kate Spade for Starwood Tote // Bulgari Cat Eye Sunglasses

Between the decision and booking comes the next order of business, packing and beach prep! So here are 5 easy steps to get you beach ready and packed while just bringing a carry on. Keeping in spirit of adventure and if the trip is short, bring only carry on.

Step 1: Maintenance

Bikini ready body means smooth and hair free. So while seeing your aesthetician for a last minute wax session may not be an option, every woman NEEDS to have a razor not just in her shower but in her travel toiletry kit. I personally use Schick Quattro  for women at home and Quattro for women disposables when I travel.  As for the mani and pedi just get one once you get to your destination or better yet make a spa day out of it. The reason I do not suggest waxing on location  is because  the sun, sand and heat can cause for a nasty rash or infection — been there and done that, not a pretty picture.

Step 2: Passport, Credit Cards and Currency

When travelling the most important thing is to ensure that your passport is in order  and the expiry date is in good standing. Prior to leaving be sure to call the credit card you expect to use and notify them that you're leaving the country, I typically do this while waiting at the airport. This will ensure that the card does not get declined and you're not inconvenienced.  Also be sure to stop by a bank and exchange for on location currency, this is best not to do at the airport as the exchange rates are not very fair. Final travel tip is to check in 24 hours prior to boarding and select your seat and have the boarding pass emailed to you.

Step 3: Dress For The Weather

Prior to leaving check the weather at your destination and pack accordingly. If you anticipate sunshine then be sure to pack lots of resort wear but also grab a light jacket which you should wear on the place. Be conscious of the shoes you pack as they take up lots of space and typically are not necessary. So limit yourself to 3 packed pairs and then one pair you'd wear to the airport.  For a beach vacation, I will wear a pair of flats to the airport and pack a pair of flip flops, platform espadrilles and a high heeled sandal.

Step 4: Carry On Restrictions

I prefer traveling with a carry on as I enjoy having my belongings on me and not running a risk of having my luggage lost. It has never happened  — knock on wood — but the thought scares me enough. Since you're limited with liquids (typically 10 bottles of less than 100 ml each) buy your sunscreen at the duty free store as for other toiletry always have a set of travel bottles ready and filled with your favorite beauty lotions and potions. Now a lot of retailers offer great travel size selections my go to are  Kiehls and Body Shop between the two stores you'll be covered for all of your needs.

Step 5: Technology

Hopefully unlike me you leave all of your gadgets at home  but if you're anything like me, well you bring the entire office. I always travel with a laptop, DSLR camera and phone. I've invested in a cute laptop bag from Kate Spade which also fits my book, magazines as well as work journal.  Most of my daily purses are purchased with camera in mind and therefore fit it comfortably while my favorite purse to travel with is Alexander Wang Rockie. My phone is my life and therefore I even use it for my boarding pass which I have in my Passbook. As of today, US has also announced that all of the traveling phones must be working. Meaning you cannot bring a dead phone on the plane in which case always have a charger, better yet buy a spare and always have it in your purse.

I know that for some traveling can be a stressful hassle or a cause of anxiety over a fear of flying and for those afraid of flying check out this article on how to overcome it. Despite the nerves and anxieties that may be caused by the thought of travel, I really do hope that it is never the reason for your to not explore.  So I really hope that you all have a wonderful summer with lots of exploring and experiences. While you create your summer memories be sure to snap a selfie of yourself and enter Schick Quattro for Women "Selfie" Contest for a chance to WIN a major shopping spree because a new wardrobe is not a bad way to wrap up your summer adventure! For details on how you can enter please click here.

Now stay safe, be curious and lively on a spontaneous side! After all isn't that what summers are for?

With Love ... Marta

*in collaboration with Schick Quattro Canada. The views and opinions expressed are my own.

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