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I finished reading The Age of Innocence and loved it. It exquisitely details the struggle between love and responsibility through the experiences of men and women in Gilded Age New York. And noteworthy is that author Edith Wharton became the the first  woman to win the Pulitzer Prize with this book.

Wharton's profound understanding of her character's lives makes the triangle of Archer, May and Ellen come to life with an irresistible urgency. A wry, incisive look at the ways in which love and emotion must negotiate the complex rules of high society.The book is wonderful read that provides a unique sense of the past society that shaped the famous New York city.

Speaking of of The Age of Innocence, I came across this amusing quote....

"Ah, well, Boston is more conservative than New York; but I always think it's safe rule
for a lady to lay aside her French dresses for one season."

- Edith Wharton

It's amazing how quickly times change. Then, it was not proper for a lady to wear a new dress for at least a year. Now we wear things right of the rack. Our times have become so rapid that the seasons no longer play any importance as the designers are producing their winter and resort collection in the spring/summer of the previous year. Fashion is  becoming like a fast food market - easy, fast and ready to go in 5 minutes! Is our world becoming too fast that even we can't catch up with it? 

As I went shopping for my Las Vegas getaway, I couldn't help but be frustrated at all of the boots and jackets in stores. It is high 20s outside and the stores were filled with winter clothes. This is becoming too feels like everyone if getting too ahead of themselves.

Personally, I am one of those people that can find peace and calm in the middle of the of chaos.That perfect calm moment usually happens over a cup of espresso and a book...sometimes taking those minutes is all you need. When shopping with my mommy , we take 5 minutes to stop by Godiva and pick up Dark Chocolate Decadence-it became a tradition. Those 5 minutes is all you need to restart and reboot,and of course satisfy the sweet-tooth.

Speaking of winter and fall... I have found the most perfect pair of flat Kors boots, they are sooo awesome :) Totally excited about them! I know, I know.... I am getting ahead of myself, but I just couldn't pass by them when they were on a 65% off sale and I wanted them since last winter but couldn't justify spending $500 on a 5th pair of boots for that year. So I got them for this year... with a much better deal :)

I am wearing: dvb skinny flare jeans; E community top from Aritzia; Kimberly Baker Dove Necklace; Accessories& Beyond Bracellets in Gold; Michael Kors Heels; Gustto Cokera Purse; Chanel Sunglasses.


Also, I am sooooo excited to share with you this Elle Canada Street Fashion feature that I was included in ....Check it out!!!! Click on the picture...

I wish you all a beautiful day!!!!

With Love... Marta

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