Ten Commandments of Party Wear

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With more and more companies and charities hosting events, it goes without saying that your what-to-wear thinking cap is often challenged. Without a doubt dressing for an event is a hassle, especially if an invite does not specify dress code or imply a mood of the occasion. But it is a safe bet for me to say every woman wants to look her best! And why not when you're this fabulous?! So here are my Ten Commandments of Party Wear.

Given my occupation, going to parties and events a few times each week is a must. By now there is a reverse-order to my lifestyle: Tuesday-Thursday I go out and Friday-Sunday I often stay in. Needless to say I am not complaining. However having to dress up often is hard on the wallet and mind alike. This brings me to my ten commandments of dressing for an event.

1. I shall never forget who I am and what makes me comfortable. If leather is not your thing, do not wear a leather mini to a holiday party.

2. I shall not try too hard. The more you obsess, the less likely things will work out.

3. I shall never go overboard. Less is more with accessories, make-up, tan, etc.

4. I shall always have flawless make-up and hair as it can make or break an outfit.

5. I shall always have a manicure. There are no excuses, a manicure is always a must.

6. I shall always be sure my outfit is clean and wrinkle-free. Details, details!

7. I shall re-wear my clothes: it is common sense to wear the same thing twice but in a different outfit, because more important is to live within your means.

8. I shall make sure my heels are well kept and polished.

9. I shall indulge in a bubble bath to relax and re-energize. No alcohol before a party.

10. I shall Never EVER be drunk in public! A lady would never allow herself to be sloppy.

With these rules, my routine for getting ready has now become an hour long ritual. Rather than stressing, I plan an outfit or two in my head while taking a shower/bath and then go from there. Primping is supposed to be fun, so take a deep breath and enjoy spending the time on yourself. When in a moment of desperation and out of ideas, remember you can always reach for that safety outfit aka LBD.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Peplum Blouse
Elizabeth & James Pencil Skirt
Mackage Gloria Coat
La Baccarina Leather and Suede Boots
YSL Arty Ring

As for the event featured in these photos, it was an American Express Unstaged Dinner & Coldplay Concert Screening at the Thompson Hotel Toronto. The event was hosted Michael Fazio, renowned concierge and author of  Concierge Confidential, and featured American Express' signature style. Inside the 1812 Lounge, the setting was intimate with beautiful centrepieces and candlelight. The event was a delight as American Express and High Road Communication always impress!

To see more photos from my trip to Hollywood California to attend Oscar Award parties including my outfits, you can click these links: OK Magazine party with Adrien Grenier and the cast of Entourage, and Mont Blanc party at Hotel Bel-Air with lots of older Hollywood celebrities like Teri Hatcher.

Happy Dressing!

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Unmarked images are courtesy  Ian Buck, High Road Communications.

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