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Hello Darlings,

I hope everyone had an incredible weekend! My weekend was filled with fun company and new experiences. Between passing my drivers G test, shopping for an awesome Moschino umbrella and a Nike weighted jump rope (for cardio), seeing Kick-Ass, getting gelato and macaroons, attending Ukrainian semi-formal, girl talk, brunch at Distillery District and having the opportunity to meet the talented Nigel of TorontoVerve.... I would have to say my weekend was action packed.

To view the images that Nigel and I shot for TorontoVerve, click here and here!!!!

And to check out the video...

Nigel also made an awesome video which  also includes pictures of Andrew and I.

This past Sunday, Andrew and I spend  the morning together wondering the  beautiful Distillery District in Toronto. It is one of my favorite places in the city.w We grabbed some brunch at the Boiler Room, which  was not quite as great as the fancy surroundings. The buffet was unimpressive with cold foods and stale french toast. I hate "fancy" places that do not live up to their appeal, the only part that I really did enjoy was their dessert and especially crème brûlée. If you're looking for a "romantic" brunch  with live jazz (also available at Boiler Room), I suggest checking out Bloor Street Diner. I had the opportunity to visit this place for a bloggers brunch and loved it.I am not sure maybe Boiler Room just had an unfortunate day or something, but having cold breakfast is not my favorite thing to do. Hopefully their dinner is much better and once I get over the disappointment I am sure to give it another go but  avoiding the buffet brunches.  Just thought that I might share as I wouldn't want someone to be disappointed with their breakfast, which for me is the day-setter and who wants to start their day with a wrong vibe.

Following the brunch, Andrew and I had the pleasure of meeting Nigel and Dorothy— the wonderful duo behind TorontoVerve. TorontoVerve is an incredible Toronto street style blog that celebrates the beauty and diversty of my fellow Torononians. I had fun prancing around the camera with my coffee and occasionally Andrew :P Despite the rain and my wavy hair getting frizzy it was lots of fun. Note to self: do not straighten your hair when the guy on weather channel says that there's 70% chance of raining.

I must admit that I am also very proud of the  pictures that Andrew snapped while Nigel and I were shooting.  Huge thanks goes out to my better-half for being so awesome :P It was lots of fun seeing the "action" pictures afterwards. This blog would not be possible without the support of my parents and Andrew as  I always tag my camera along and whine them into snapping a few quick pictures to I can share.

Well, now onto the outfit... which was quite simple as I did not feel like dressing up too much.  I opted for my new crisp dress shirt, cropped skinnies and comfy mary jane's.  I should confess that I am obsessed with man's dress shirt, I think that it is very beautiful and elegant.

" As early as the 1920s, during the birth of the garçonne look, women were photographed in men's shirts. In the 1950s, Audrey Hepburn liked to wear a man's shirt and tie the tails twice around her tiny waist. In 1977, Diane Keaton's eponymous character Annie Hall wore the shirt, several sizes too large —and incited the craze. And in 1998, Sharon Stone stepped into red carpet in a lavender Vera Wang skirt and her husband's white shirt, tied back with a dragonfly pin. Don't say you weren't impressed. the white shirt has endured decade after decade. Any time a cool girl or a designer throws a man's shirt into the mix, we are reminded of the power that comes with that crisp simplicity. And is there anything quite so sensual as seeing a woman in a man's white shirt?"

- Nina Garcia, The Little Black Book of Style

I am wearing:
Club Monaco Dress Shirt — from Club Monaco
Rich & Skinny "Legacy" Skinnies — from Holt Renfrew
Mackage "Leane"  Lamb Leather Jacketfrom
Juicy Couture "Marlee" Heels — from Winners
Michael Kors Watch — gift from Andrew
Gustto "Cokera" Purse — from
Umbrella— unknown

Since I was stealing the look from men I decided to turn to them for some tips...well by that I mean,  The Handbook of Style: A man's guide to looking good. Yes, I talked Andrew into getting this book and now I have stolen it from him. The tips and tricks are incredibly whit-y and useful (I will be sure to make a post on my favorite ones).

According to them...

  • On a well-made shirt, the buttonholes are all cut and sewn vertically, except for the bottom one, which is horizontal.
  • Mother-of-pearl buttons are a sign of well-made shirt.
  • The button-down is often misused by fashion rookies  to describe a shirt that has buttons down the center from top to bottom. NO! The term actually refers to having the ends of the shirt collar  fastened to the shirt by buttons.
  • The contrasting color was created so that white-color types  could wear colorful shirts without losing  status, the contrast color is now  a favorite with dainties.
  • Andy Warhol felt art was a business just like any other. As if to prove the point, he often wore components of a businessman's uniform-a dress shirt and necktie- straight up and without irony.

Now that I've obsessed enough, I must admit that I want another shirt that is slightly larger but still form-fitting! I think it is a good idea to have two looks: one that is form fitting and another that is loose and casual.

Am I the only one who's obsessing over the shirts....are you?

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Wishing everyone a lovely day!!!

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