Summer Shortcuts

Summer Shortcuts

Hello Darlings, Summers are for fun and trouble rather than hassle and stress! With summer also comes the maintenance — we increase our gym attendance and make best friends with our aesthetician.

Being bikini ready is work,  however there are quick shortcuts to otherwise hectic routines; these are my favorite five for this summer.

1.Eyelash Extensions

Before my Vegas trip, I had the pleasure of getting eyelash extensions at the fabulous Mync salon. This was my second experience with eyelash extensions and I loved the result. Despite the amazing look,  I would not make this a regular part of my beauty routine because of the maintenance required. I do think that this is a perfect mascara-free solution for summers and special occasions. The application process takes about an hour and a half and results last up to three weeks.

2.Lancome Dual Finish Powder

This 3  in 1 formula works well as a cover-up and powder. When in need of more coverage just add a little water to the sponge and voila, you've got cover-up. For lighter coverage the formula is very subtle and does not result in a cake-y look. I adore this product for summer as it gives just enough coverage and light enough to wear on hot and humid days. Also a lovely little product to have in the purse.

3. Vaseline Spray and Go

Hands down my favorite moisturizer! The application process is easy and the formula absorbs really fast. The formula is also light enough for summer and offers just the right amount of moisture.

4. Davines Absolute Beautifying Potion

I was introduced to this product about a year ago at Blyss Salon and have loved it since.  In comparison to Moroccan Oil, I find that this formula is much lighter and absorbs faster. For fine hair this is a great option all year round and for coarse for humid conditions.

5.Shellac Manicure and Pedicure

I've been getting shellac manicures and pedicures for the past year and love the results. With a busy lifestyle, shellac offers flawless nails for about a weeks and a half. Since my nails tend to grow out fast, I find that two weeks is too long as the moons of the nail begin to show. Not having to worry about chipped nails for a week is definitely an important shortcut for me :)

What are some of your favorite summer shortcuts?

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