Summer 2012 Trends: Italy

Hello Darlings,  Continuing on our journey to discover the most popular summer 2012 trends from around the world, I asked one of Italy's most popular fashion bloggers Nicoletta Reggio of Scent of Obsession  for her insights!

I chatted with Nicoletta to find out what are her favorite summer 2012 trends and pieces. Here is what she said:


1. Christian Louboutin Decollete Fuscia Pumps: perfect for summer, every woman should have one.

2. Flower Blazer:  I am a collectors of blazers, love them.

3. Colorful Handmade Bracelets 

4. Coccinelle Celeste Purse in pink pastel

5. Denim Shorts

Thank you to Nicolette for sharing her favorite summer pieces!

With Love...


{Images Courtesy of Scent of Obsession}

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