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Hello Darlings,

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It has been raining for the past three days and I’ve been living in my Kors duck boots. Despite the fact that they are not average boots but rather somewhat unique and so would even say “ugly”. I will stand by them and say that they are one of the most comfortable, warm and functional pairs of shoes that I own. It is not necessarily the prettiest shoe out there, but definite one of my favorite for the past two years.

This shoe faces the weather that no other shoe in my closet can, they are seriously “bad a**”. Omg, I think that this is one of the first times that I’ve sworn on my blog! My apologies, but there is no other way to describe them!They are mainly rubber on the outside and super warm and fuzzy on the inside, which, in my mind, makes them the perfect Canadian winter heel.

The rubber sole prevents me from slipping, as it has a wonderful grip, the heel keeps me well above the ground and far from puddles or snow, the material top keeps my feet toasty, and the cute patent leather detailing on the heel and around the zipper makes me love them that much more! Ugly? Sure, but boy do I love them. Why? I have no clue, but I just do!

I’ve noticed, especially based on my last few footwear choices, that I really like unique- looking shoes. I think that it is my natural instinct to try and spice up my simple and neutral wardrobe.  I think that a shoe for me is always the statement piece. They are always the loudest, boldest, and most outrageous part of my outfit.

I am wearing: Soia&Kyo Coat (from; Julie & Jack Cashmere Sweater (from Winners); Free People Tutu (gift from Andrew);   Kors by Michael Kors Duck Boots (from Winners); Michael Kors Watch ( a gift from Andrew); Tiny diamond hoops ( a gift from parents).

Let’s take for example, my Saturday night outfit. I wore my favorite tutu— I just love how girly it makes me feel! I paired it with my new cashmere sweater, which I picked up from Winners on sale from $138 for $ 25 (this being hands down my biggest cashmere steal). On top the outfit was rather simple, but the shoes just worked for me! I know that some might disagree but they just work in my mind! I topped it all off with my pea coat and voila, a simple outfit with an outrageous – not to mention hated- shoe (I know that many of you don’t like it and that is a-okay!).I felt cute and proud, knowing that no crazy thunder storm can stop me from wearing heels and feeling fabulous!

I think that I am starting to speak of my clothes as if they were living objects, for all I know soon enough I will be giving them pet names! Hahah… just joking! Well, kind of!

So now honestly tell me,....

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Wishing Everyone a Beautiful Monday!!!

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