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With all the Christmas lists put aside. Shopping done and over with. Santa has come and gone. It is time for the glorious day of absolutely chaos, Boxing Day. Although the day is formally known as the Feast of St. Stephen—dedicated to the first Christian martyr—it has "developed into a feast for bargain hunters willing to martyr their credit cards for the almighty discount".

We all know to approach the malls with caution or better yet to completely avoid them. However, we all do it...we go out with hopes of filling in the gaps that Santa has missed to fill, looking for items that we most likely don't need. However, with sale signs all over the city, it is so hard to avoid such eye candy. Therefore, we will all set out with the hearts of warriors to find those awesome deals. Although my last year's experience was quite pleasant, I've decided to take the opportunity to research some tips and tricks to make the day a little smoother :)

" The quickest way to know a woman is to go shopping with her."

- Marcelene Cox

Step- by-step guide to Boxing Day shopping...


Canadians check out, and

For online shopping check for farther discount codes.

Figure out what it is that you really need to buy. Then decide what you want to spoil yourself with.

This is the perfect  time to buy cold weather items. Can I say: cashmere!


Wear separates and pieces that are easy to slip in and out of.

Think of the hair and wear a top that will not mess it up too much.

Leave heavy coats in the car.

Wear comfortable shoes.

Wear a cross-body purse that is comfortable to carry and will not occupy your hands.Always zip or close it.


Wake up early, have a lovely breakfast and head out. Try for 8am!

Decide on a budget and stick with it.

Visit the stores you like the most first; and then venture out.

Independent stores tend to offer better discounts.


Think twice before handing your credit card. It's not a bargain if you don't need it.

Buy with cash. People who shop with credit, tend to spend 30% more.

Think ahead, as to future occasions such as birthdays. If you find an item that is great for that special someone, be sure to pick it up.

Pick up basics (lingerie, hosiery), staples (tanks, tees, denim,etc) and classics (lbd, blazer,trousers,cardi.etc).

Buy only items that fit.

Buy items that you can create more than 3 outfits with. It's a good identifier as to how useful it will be when actually introduced to your closet.

Do not purchase damaged goods, unless surely fixable and on an unbelievable discount. Consider repair costs: missing button, broken zipper,etc.

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Boxing Day Shopping - Is it worth it?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from With Love...