Stella Artois Film Screening to Celebrate TIFF's Opening Night‏‏...

Hello Darlings,

Toronto International Film Festival is well underway and downtown is swarmed with celebs, paparazzi, fans, and celebrity stalkers :P Despite being annoyed by  the occasional hassle, like most people I enjoy the lively atmosphere and the fun events during the Film Festival. On tonight's WithLoveGabrielle agenda was Stella Artois Film Screening at The Drake Hotel to celebrate the opening of TIFF. Thank you Noor!

I had the pleasure of spending the day with one of my besties, Anna.... :)

We started out our day with a quick lunch at the cafe at The Drake Hotel which  was a perfect spot for a quick bite with a fun atmosphere and the salads were very good :) After a quick  Starbucks, we ventured to the party.

At the party we had the opportunity of meeting actor and director Marcello Cabezas. As well as TIFF directors, Ed Gass-Donnely of Small Town Murder Song and Jonatha Sobol of Beginner's Guide to Endings. The party had a fantastic atmosphere and overall was a perfect way to spend a beautiful afternoon. Which was later followed by a dinner and desserts At East ! Let's just say that it was definitely a perfect girls day out :)

With a day full of activities, I had the worst time deciding on what to wear! Anna was waiting for me in the car and I was still  in the closet in my undies, panicking. However, when in crises my theory is simple: LBD! Always works and never fails. Since the weather has been acting out, I decided to to take out my cashmere reserves. Among all of the things that I adore in my closet, there's nothing more that I love then cashmere. I have an obsession with it. So the little black cashmere dress felt like a natural choice :)

Dramatic—you might think! Well, I assure you not. Living in Canada has it's perks, but fall and winter seasons are not on the list! Our cold weather lasts forever and the temperatures can drop unexpectedly so fast. My obsession with cashmere has every bit to do with this. It's so warm and works with so many different outfits as a not-sure-if-it-will-be-cold-later option! When you combine classic appeal of a simple black dress and the sheer beauty of cashmere.... well,that's perfection on a whole different level. Also, this dress does have beautiful open back with stunning beading that I failed to capture, but you can see it here.

I am wearing:
Line Cashmere Dress— a gift
Marc by Marc Jacobs Coat in Sandshell Khaki—from Holt Renfrew, Yorkdale
♥ Juicy Couture "Marlee" Heels — from Winners
♥ Marc by Marc Jacobs " House of Cards Court Harem" ring set— from
♥ Michael Kors Watch—a gift
♥ Gustto "Cokera" Purse—from

So darlings.... what is your emergency outfit???

What do you reach for when in crises???

With Love...


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