Starting Point...

Hello Darlings,

It feels like things are never going to slow down...I always feel like I am running a marathon. From one place to another, from one text to the next. Honestly, keeping up with exams and a social life is EXHAUSTING, but in a positive way!

Today was a day of errands...went shopping with my mommy,Starbucks, did my nails, studies French and Cubism. I really miss watching True Blood on Sunday evening...I can't wait for it to come back on! I feel like my Sunday's are not complete without it.

Despite the craziness, I am really looking forwards to attending Toronto Fashion Week , although I only decided to attend one show.School comes first... with a crazy exam period,  I hardly had any time to even squeeze one in...but I refused to miss the Fashion Week as I did last year. So, this  is my first year attending it...and I am nervous! I have yet to decide what to wear.... What should I wear to the fashion week? Does anyone have any suggestions?

Anyways, moving on..... I did do some successful shopping today. I just love those shopping trips where you find everything you were looking for and more...

Part of the purchases, was this super comfortable and cozy pull over dress, these wicked booties, and fingerless gloves. I have this weird thing for hoodie dresses, I find them to be one of the most useful things during the winter time. As for the boots, well they are toasty warm and I adore the taupe color and detailing.

P.S. I will be following Toronto Fashion Week closely through the help of The Huffington Post's Marrisa Bronfman... who's going to keep us updated with all of the latest news from the Fashion Week including the interviews.... Check out her article on  Prepping for  Toronto Fashion Week!

I am off to bed, I have a long day of French and studying ahead of me tomorrow and boy do I need the sleep.......

I also wanted to thank you all for your amazing input on the Beauty vs. Brains post, it is always so interesting to hear others opinions. Thank you!

I wish you all a beautiful Monday!

With Love...


Toronto Fashion Week: Greta and Ezra Constantine Spring 2010

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