South Beach Miami: Just Landed

Hello Darlings, I am writing live from Ocean Drive in South Beach, Miami where I am working on an exciting new project to be launched in January. Although still a secret, I cannot wait to share all the details with you.

What I can share, is duty called and sent me packing with a few of my best stilletos, bikinis, cocktail dresses, and with a huge smile. Holidays or not, certain opportunities cannot be missed and this one definitely couldn't be missed.

This is my first time in Miami. I am excited to discover my way around the city, and its shopping, restaurants, and night-life. With so much activity, an additional perk of this assignment is that WithLoveGabrielle is going to be on content overload.

I AM WEARING: Moschino Polka Dot Bikini // Brette Sandler Silk Cover Up // Miss Trish of Capri Sundals // 3.1 Philip Lim Simon Sunglasses

With 2012 just days away, I am ready to open a new chapter in my life :) With more exciting assignments including New York Fashion Week in the coming months, I hope you will join me on my new journey!

In the meantime, please write comments to suggest must-do's in Miami as they will be greatly appreciated. With sunny days and perfect weather, I've been spoiling myself mixing in some beach time with some work on the new project. All of the sun frolicking is done with a heavy doze of SPF.

With Love...


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