Social Media Embraced: With Love... on the cover of UC Magazine

Hello Darlings,

First of all, thank you UC Magazine for featuring With Love...  the cover of their October issue in People in Business section. I am huge supporter of social media and strongly believe that bloggers are the voice of consumers, which is why every small success means so much to me.

As a parent is proud of their baby's first step, I am as excited for this baby. Hopefully I can bring you more exciting and fun articles, which is why I would like to offer YOU an opportunity to be a guest blogger on With Love... . If you're interested to find out what it is like to be a blogger, please send me a quick note at

Aside from the feature story, I am also their new style contributor with a monthly column. One small step for social media but a huge step for With Love... I am really excited to see what the future brings and dying to find out as to what you want to see more of.

What do you want to read about? Topics, ideas, suggestions... please leave them in comments section and I promise to do my best to address every idea and comment.

With Love...


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