Simple Boyish Accents....

Good Morning Darlings,

Every morning as I get dressed, I reach for things that are more simple and delicate, but with a boyish touch. During the summer months in feels wrong to wear complicated and dramatic clothe; to wear a ton of make up; and to spend hours on hair.

All I want is extreme simplicity...Not only in appearance but also in esthetic of appearance.

I'm continuously inspired by the way men wear their clothe... and their easy and effortless approach to getting dressed. Observing the way Andrew gets dressed made me realize that the less thought you put into clothe, the better... when things come naturally it always looks effortless and great.

Men usually do not obsess about they way they look and usually do not take hours to get ready. But in the end they always end up looking adorable. Just think about the idea behind a man's suit: it is simple, easy, and absolutely perfect. No hassle, no stress, it is a matter of changing shirts and ties... and once in a white a suit :)

This easy approach to life and fashion made me fall in love with menswear...anything with a boyish accent catches my attention.

A combination of masculine and feminine became my latest obsession.


As for today's look well, my obsession continues...I paired my distressed Abercrombie&Fitch jeans with a delicate semi-sheer top from Club Monaco and topped it all off with my new Members Only bomber.

Simple, comfortable and most importantly I feel great in in.

As for make-up only a touch of mascara and berry lip gloss... I refuse to wear any cover up in crazy hot weather. Eek, I would feel like I am melting away.

Well off I go... I've got a million things to do, including finding a beginners book to French grammar. Yup, knowing French/German is part of my specialist. If you guys have any suggestions please drop me a line!!! I will be forever grateful.

I wish you all a beautiful Tuesday!!!!
With Love... Marta

source: jak&jil; citizen couture.

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