Sightseeing in Lutsk,Ukraine

Hello Darlings,  It's as if I jinxed myself. Two days ago, the temperature was in the mid 20's and today it is so cold. Thankfully I packed my trusty Michael Kors booties. I am finally getting over my jetleg (Ukraine is 7 hours ahead of Canada) and enjoying every minute with my family.

Align CenterToday, I bought a guide book and started sightseeing in Lutsk , which has an amazing history dating back to 1247. The city is in western Ukraine, and is known as one of the main cultural centers in the country. The beauty of the nature is also phenomenal, especially outside the city. The rolling hills, beautiful fields, and unforgettable sunsets.

{ I AM WEARING: Mackage Leather Jacket // Corpus Skinnies // Club Monaco Cashmere Scarf // Michael Kors Booties // Gap Leather Purse // H&M Bow Headband }

Me being an architecture and art freak,I have to make sure that I visit every landmark and museum ( sooo many churches to see, lol). My trip is going by sooo fast.

With Love...



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