Should you follow fashion trends?

Hello Darlings, With every season, the fashion master minds reset their mission to become the trendsetters of the bunch. Generations of fashion ideas are recycled and occasional breakthroughs do occur; however for the most part, fashion lifespan is as good as nail polish without the top coat. It stays strong for a day or two, fading as hours pass and chipping by the end of the day.

Should you follow fashion trends?Trying to keep up seems as pointless as actually investing in a mani without the top coat! To me, trends often do not quite make sense, as not every woman is the same and trying to decree a set of rules to apply to everyone’s dress habits is nearly impossible.

Should you follow fashion trends?

That said, with every season comes a breath of fresh ideas, and an excuse to re-visit some oldie-but-goodies at the back of the closet once again. Replenishing your closet every season with all new "it" pieces is expensive; however, picking up a few items that will bring something to the old pieces is a terrific idea. For me every season is not about following trends but gathering inspiration in order to wear the pieces that I already own in a whole new way. I don’t mean to encourage oaths of shop-stinance, but do consider whether investing in, for example, a clog, is a good idea: they did not last two seasons.

With well thought-out new pieces and your own wardrobe at your fingertips, the opportunities are limitless. At least that should be the all honesty, every morning I still walk into my walk-in and feel ashamed of actually thinking that there's nothing to wear!

With every seasonal runway presentation, I have little notes in my mind of ideas and items that I really love and would like to add to my personal style. So as your scroll through your a fashion site or flip through your favorite glossies, be sure to take pointers and gather what inspires you. The beauty of personal style is that it is your own rather than enslaving you to the dictated rules of fashion. So grab that inspiration and make your wardrobe dreams comes true with a bit of creativity and effort. The easiest option is to buy but the true skill is in mastering your current wardrobe to best suit your lifestyle and needs.

{I AM WEARING: Burberry Flare Leg Denim // Talula Babaton Chiffon Blouse // Marc by Marc Jacobs Trench // L.A.M.B Girogie Booties // Z Spoke by Zac Posen Leather Tote}

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending a presentation by The Bay’s Fashion Director, Suzanne Timmins. Her presentation was composed of runway trends translated into everyday options. Her approach was simple and in tune with my personal likes. She focused on classic pieces with modern and season-appropriate touches.

In the mood for a simple silhouette and muted tones, I wore my favorite Burberry pant, a simple Talula Babaton blouse with beautiful detailing, and for a touch of contrast, my favorite Marc by Marc Jacobs trench coat.

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Post proofread by Iris Braunstein

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