Shopping Whores and Guilt...

Hello Darlings,

Last night while reading Vanity Fair, I came upon an interesting quote by Thackeray:

" To know nothing, or little, is in the nature of some husbands. To hide, in the nature of how many women? O ladies! how many of you have surreptitious milliners' bills? How many of you have gowns and bracelets, which you daren't show, or which you wear trembling? - trembling, and coaxing with smiles the husband by your side, who does not know the new velvel gown from the old one, or the new bracelet from last year's, or has any notion that the ragged-looking yellow lace scarf cost forty guineas, and that Madame Bobinot is writing dunning letters every week for money! Thus Rawdon knew nothing about the brilliant diamond ear-rings, or the superb brilliant ornament which decorated the fair bosom of his lady;"
Vanity Fair by W. M. Thackeray, pg.469.

Women during 1840s had similar problems that women do today, which begs the question: are obsession and guilt really a part of our womanly nature???

Sometimes a girl needs a pick-me-up but how often is too often?

When do you become a shopping whore?

When do you become a liar?

When reading this Vanity Fair article, all of these thoughts came to mind. Why do women over-shop? I realize that over-shopping is half the problem, the other half is LYING. While over-shopping is glamorized in the world of fashion, it is a problem that most women have come to accept. Another perspective is that no fashion magazine or "fashionista" is willingly going to mention The Lie behind it all.  So it got me thinking, how many of us lie for the sake of fashion?


Over-shopping is accepted and embraced in some narcissistic way since women enjoy doing it. But what about lying. How many of us have lied about shopping? How many of you hide your purchases? How many of you realize that underneath all of the glamor and fancy it is a nasty problem, even an addiction? And why is it that women are the main target?

Personally, I am a liar... I lie to myself.

I shop unnecessarily, and when I don't want to...

Then I comfort myself with thoughts that my new item is fabulous.

Fabulous? What am I thinking, I am a smart woman who knows better. I know exactly what I am doing, so why can't I resist??? So after every shopping trip, I either "forget" to mention some of the purchases or just simply lie... Why? It's not as if anyone punishes me. The only reason is the guilt, and shame from not being able to control myself. AS I came to realize this, I try to restrain myself but can I? I don't even have second thoughts about shopping... I just do it for fun and never reconsider what I've bought. But once it all sets in, I feel ashamed and guilty for falling into the trap of fabulous. Do clothes really make us beautiful people? I don't believe so... so what it is then???


Do you over-shop and then lie???

With Love... Marta

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