Shopping for Vacation Wardrobe

Shopping for Vacation Wardrobe

Hello Darlings, With December fast approaching and holiday vacations are hopefully weeks away, it's time to start planning your resort wear. Yes majority of us are focusing on holiday shopping and making to-do lists before the year ends. And I am certain many of you are thinking that I'm nuts for even suggesting it but I assure you there's a good reason. This is an ideal time to snag amazing summer clothing and bikinis on awesome sales, prior to the arrival of new resort collections.

While shopping for daily wardrobe is a lot easier since majority of us have established what works and what simply doesn't. It is the resort or vacation wear that is a bit more challenging. Since going on a vacation is a special time and you want to feel great while there, it's not a good reason to break the bank for an entirely new wardrobe. It seems that many women the moment they hear beach see neon colors, high platforms and palm tree prints. Many of us step outside of our typical likes for looks that many would consider "festive" or vacation appropriate. So if you're not the one to wear dramatic hats in your everyday life, by no means do you have to do it while away. Go for something that's your style. Stick to the woman that you are!

As I was shopping for new vacation outfits, a sales associate asked me if maybe I wanted to add some color. In that one second, I swear I may have tackled her like a start football player out of anger and rage. Just joking, violence is never the answer! While her and I discussed my vacation plans, I do not understand why my primarily black and grey choices troubled her. Apparently, nothing about my clothing said "happy vacation time." The thing is, I love my style the way  it is — every single neutral and black item that comes with it! My wardrobe reflects me and the person that I am; therefore you insult my love for all things black you're essentially insulting me as a person. Not many people understand that an individual's connection to their wardrobe goes beyond their likes or dislikes. Their style reflect their personality, so when it comes to women in your life be careful not to be too harsh. That includes yourself too!

I AM WEARING:    Wilfred    Maxi Dress //    Tom Ford    Daria Sunglasses //    Tory Burch    Leighanne Sandals //    Alexander Wang    Rookie Purse

I AM WEARING: Wilfred Maxi Dress // Tom Ford Daria Sunglasses // Tory Burch Leighanne Sandals // Alexander Wang Rookie Purse

So while my style dilemma is adding color into my wardrobe, it doesn't bother me that I'm the one to wear black while in the Caribbean. So when shopping for your next vacation keep in mind to stay true to what you love and purchase items that you can re-wear either in the summer or even now.  Also remember to:

- buy bikinis that flatter your body type rather than what's in style

 - spend the extra money on leather rather than rubber flip flops

- find a stylish beach bag because it is a great investment and will serve you a long time. 

 - always travel wearing your beach hat unless it's a packable version. It will get destroyed in the bag otherwise.

- buy maxi dresses in solid  and muted colors because they look great outside of the beach and with a leather bomber or a sweater.

 - wear shorty short only at the beach and not the bar. Stay cheeky near the ocean, not the bar.

- not wear your sunglasses in the ocean.The wave will steal them, true story I lost 2 pairs in one vacation.

- wear SPF!

With that being said and done, allow me to comfort all my fellow black and white lovers. The women who feel like their wardrobe is dull because the most color you have is that of your Louboutin sole or a lipstick; well there's a reason why Neiman Marcus famously said that " Women who wear black lead colorful lives." So enjoy what you love and yes wearing black at the beach is ok :)

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