Seven Things about Marta Tryshak

Hello Darlings, 

Fall is my favorite season so I try to get out as much as possible and engage in innocent fun such as spending my afternoon in the park walking Johnny ( my doggies name) ... Canadian autumn can be magical.

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I am wearing: Gap Fuzzy Sweater - $63 TNA wool scarf - $54 Guido & Mary Jeans, $180 Chanel Sunglasses - $600 Coach Leather Swingbag - A gift from Andrew Minnetonka Booties - $ 44
Party Time: I finally also got a chance to wear my new Soia& Kyo Coat... I love it.


I am wearing:  Soia & Kyo Annisa Z Wool Coat - $330 Maggie Ward Dress - $246, on sale for $79 Calvin Klein Opaque Black Tights - $31 Michael Kors Booties - $230
Tag.... I'm it :)
I've been tagged by Your Everyday Style and La Couturier to spill 6 quirky things about me and from her name was ashley to write 7 random facts:)  Thank you Ladies .... :)
So here it is 7 quirks / random facts about myself:
1. I have a nail phobia... They always must be done... It's really big paranoia to extent that some people find it weird...
2. I start every shopping trip with a Godiva Dark Chocolate Decadence...
3. I have a bubble bath every night... or I won't fall asleep.
4. I will never buy polyester... I'm paranoid of the material.

5. I hate brown and black colour combination - a strong dislike.

6. I never wear red ... clothing, lips, nail polish,etc.


7. I had my first burger two months ago... and I am 20 years old.


It seems like everyone has done these tags, so if you haven't then YOU'RE IT :)

I wish you all a wonderful week :)
With Love...

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