Secrets to a Perfect Fitting Bra

Hello Darlings,  Did you know that 8 out of 10 women wear the wrong bra size?

Considering this shocking fact, I was on a mission to share the secrets behind a well fitting bra. With the help from La Vie En Rose and my personal bra-shopping experience, I've come up with a few simple steps to finding the perfect fitting bra!

Every great outfit begin with proper undergarments. A poorly fitting bra can destroy an overall appearance of a beautiful blouse  or your favorite dress. Therefore it is crucial that a woman knows her bra size and selects the various bra styles that will best complement each outfit she wears.

Secrets to Selecting a Perfect Fitting Bra

Secret #1: A woman's bra size can change up to 6 times in her lifetime, so you should be measured every six months to a year in case your size has changed.

Secret #2: Get professionally measured whenever shopping for a bra. La Vie En Rose offers complimentary measurements in every store as do many other lingerie retailers — so be sure to take advantage of this when bra shopping!

Secret #3: Never compromise on fit. Keep in mind that the bra should lie flat against the breastbone, and there should not be any gap in-between.

Secret #4: Your bra should never hike up your back, and must comfortably rest against the middle of your back. Also your bra straps should not dig into your back.

Secret #5: Your bra must always be comfortable and not restrict any movement. Essentially, it should feel like second skin.

For my personal fitting, Lynda of La Vie En Rose took me on a tour of the brand's newly launched bra wall and to get professionally measured. With a belief that every woman is unique as is her lifestyle, La Vie En Rose developed the bra wall concept offering women with a large variety of bras arranged according to style.

I AM WEARING: Wilfred Silk Camisole  // Juicy Couture Stripe Blazer // Juicy Couture Lace-Up Jeans// Marc by Marc Jacobs Big Idea Mirror Watch

While being fitted, I took the time to try on many of the styles on the bra wall that suit my lifestyle. With so many options, some additional advice is that prior to going bra shopping you should evaluate your closet and what styles your wear the most. Based on what you find, choose a bra that will complement the most wardrobe looks first. Do not buy a strapless bra if most of the items in your wardrobe are with sleeves.  Personally, I walked away with a wireless soft-push up and front closure push-up bras in nude. Typically, I do not wear push up bras but these two were comfortable and not overboard on cleavage.

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