How to Wear Scarves

Hello Darlings,

Scarves are my favorite accessories for fall and winter. So I did some reading about stylish ways to wear scarves, and these are the ones that appeal to me the most:


Neck Wrap

My favorite style when wearing with a bulky sweater. Cross over the sides twice and then bring the end to the back, and then create a simple knot, or like me let it hang loose.



European Loop

My favorite way of wearing a scarf is a European Loop, which is the easiest and quickest. Fold the scarf and let it dangle around your neck, then take one side and bringing trough the loop and ta da...



Twice Round Ascot

The twice round ascot is perfect to keep you warm. Wrap the scarf around your neck and then tie a neat knot as seen in the above photo.



Fake Knot

Decorative and also pretty with a silk scarf. All you do is make a knot on one side and bring the end of the other side through the knot.

With Love...



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