White Parachute Top

Hello Darlings,

Although my day was mostly spent driving around the city running errands, I did manage to get some cool snapshots of some interesting places in Toronto.

I started my day with a very slloooooowwwww drive from Etobicoke to downtown Toronto on  the Gardiner un-expressway (5 minute drive took 35 minutes).

So, I entertained myself by taking pictures of the stunning view of downtown Toronto from the highway. (Please don't try this  -  and I swear that usually I am a very careful driver :)

After the long drive and finally finding a parking spot, I dropped by my office (well, my professors office). Here's the deal, I have an awesome job as a research assistant to one of my architecture professors.

She is an incredible and inspiring woman, who allows me to work from home and from the office. Wicked, I know? It also means that I have no schedule :) Well, here it is ....

CHECK OUT THE VIEW .... i can never stop staring ( so distracting)

After the office fun, I headed for some real fun at the spa to get a routine facial and some girly things. And now on to the serious stuff, my outfit of the day:

Today's look was simple. Comfort was essential for such a long hot day, but I still wanted to look cute so I wore my H&M parachute top with my skinnies and of course my FLATS from Brown Shoes.

I am Wearing:

Corpus Alpha in Cracked

Organic Cotton H&M Parachute Top

Brown Couture Italian Leather Flats

Olivia Dove Necklace by Kimberly Baker Jewelry

Chanel Sunglasses


I'm a flat lover, they are perfect for running around downtown all day long while trying to look cute when it is 30 degrees outfit. So, here's my question:


For me, the answer is NO.

As a student it is impossible to spend an entire day on heels, especially when my university is located all over downtown. Sometimes it takes 15 minutes to get from one lecture to another by foot. And try crossing an entire park on heels is impossible. So my solution is flats that are  cute, comfy, and still give an outfit that dressed up feeling.

What was once reserved for casual Fridays is now also for stately affairs.The look appeals to all fashion lovers, from the first lady of France to style setter Kate Moss.


Yellow Ed Hardy Dress

Cherry on Top of Cake