Thanksgiving in Julie and Jack Cashmere

Hello Darlings,

Exhausted after two exams and over 8 hours in the library,  I am desperate for sleep but first thought to share my Thanksgiving outfit!

Nothing complicated, just a simple dress and a Julie and Jack cashmere oversize cardi. Comfy and fitting for a lunch with family. This Thanksgiving I had two dinners, one  with Andrew's family, and a second with mine - I'm stuffed.

Also, I have never shown my Chanel Aviator sunglasses. I've been wearing them 24/7 since I can't find my Ray Ban's. So upset, they were a gift from Andrew,  and I hate losing a gift :(

I also finally wore my Dior glasses in the library and then switched back to contacts before emerging back into the "world". Those unfamiliar with my glasses paranoia click here.... lol :P

I love them... but I miss by Ray Bans


I wish you all a beautiful day!!!!

With Love...


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