Revolve Clothing = a big NO NO!!!

Hello Darlings,

For a long time, I've adored Revolve Clothing especially for their variety. Well, that love affair ended this month. Their slow shipping has always bothered me, but this month things got so much worse as every order was screwed up.

I thought to share my experience since I have recommended this site, but I don't anymore. That's right, I am "breaking up" with Revolve Clothing.

Dittos Skinny Suzie in Black - 224.91 (CAD), on sale for $146 (CAD)

Exhibit One

I ordered Dittos Skinny Suzie jeans. They arrived today - 3 weeks later - and what a nightmare! I ordered size 24, but the jeans are way too big. Their size chart stated the waist is 24" but they are at least 27". So I contacted customer service to pay for my return because they provided inaccurate sizing details... and Revolve said the size chart is only a reference... and won't refund my return fee. IMO, if you order online - the size chart is like a Bible, you base your decision on it. Revolve Clothing thinks otherwise....

Pour La Victoire Murielle in White - 271.71 ( CAD), on sale for 109.20 (CAD)

Exhibit Two

I found and love this pair (perfect for summer) plus they were 50% off.. After three days waiting for them to be shipped, Revolve e-mailed stating they can't find them.... They found them a WEEK LATER. And now, it's been a week since they shipped out and still no shoes...


Bloch Luxury Ballet Flat in White - $193 (CAD)


Exhibit Three

I've been obsessed with these adorable Bloch flats and decided to buy them but guess what - REVOLVE CAN'T FIND THEM EITHER.... If I knew this would happen, I would have ordered from Net-a-Porter or Brantano. What happened to Revolve? Instead of doing their best to stay on top during the recession, they do the opposite. ADVICE TO REVOLVE EXECS: Hire new staff who know the meaning of polite, and get organized. I don't care that you're re-organizing your warehouse ... yup, that 's the excuse they gave me!

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How would you handle this situation?

Where to shop on line? What are your favorite sites?

With Love...


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