Rescue Your Nails: Signs of Good Health

Hello Darlings, Nails are one of my biggest obsessions - to an extent that seeing someone chew their nails gives me a minor heart failure! I can't explain my paranoia over a woman's nails. Although as the saying goes not to judge a book by its cover, to me nails say everything!

Neat looking nails are vital to your overall appearance as they say a lot about how a girl cares for herself. More importantly the state of your nails gives hints into your overall health. Here are some of tell-tale signs of what your nails say about your health and what can help you to solve health issues:

Soft nails that tear or peel often means that you do not have enough protein in your diet. A good solution is to add more lean beef, Wild Alaskan salmon (has the lowest mercury content), whole eggs,  chicken and turkey to your diet.

Dry, brittle nails that break easily often means that you do not have enough calcium. Add calcium-rich foods such as yogurt, milk or cheese as well as supplements.

Horizontal or vertical ridges often means that you need to get your thyroid checked.

Thin, flat, spoon-shaped nail beds often means that you need to check your iron levels.

White spots on nails or nail bed often means that you need more zinc.

Darkened nail beds often means that you need to add B12 supplements to your diet.

No white moon at the cuticles often means that you need to take supplements rich in antioxidants ( in particular vitamin E).  The white moon at the cuticle reveal the levels of antioxidants in your body.

Now strip off that nail colour and see what your nails are telling you. In my case, I do not have enough protein in my diet as my nails tend to peel.

I found these suggestion while reading Secrets of Gorgeous by Esther Blum, which is filled with healthcare and nutrition tips for a girl on the go. Coming soon, I will share my favorite nail products and DIY tips.

Do you have any nail-care secrets? If so please do share :)

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