Purchasing a Colorful Purse

Hello Darlings,  As far as blogging goes, nothing is better than receiving an e-mail from a reader. It makes my  day a little brighter - thank you!The other day, I received an interesting e-mail from a reader with a question that I am sure many can relate to. I sure do!

" Dear Marta,

My name is ----, and I really enjoy your website. I love that your posts are both fashion and lifestyle related, and that you don't expect ladies to be able to afford pieces completely out of their respective price ranges. That said, I have a spring/summer fashion question to ask you. Lately, I've been seeing the emergence of the fuchsia pink colour just about everywhere! I was particularly interested in buying the Coach Madison Lindsey (like the purse you have), but in this colour. My only worry is about it's longevity as an investment. I love the colour, but I'm not sure how much wear I'll get out of it, or how to incorporate it into everyday outfits? Any tips/suggestions? Should I maybe invest in a neutral instead?

Thanks so much, and keep blogging!"

Color has never really been my friend, I have always felt too intimidated and often just didn't know what to do with it. To say that I am comfortable in it now would be a lie, however I am confident enough to add it into my routine of everyday dressing. With a beige obsession, and as a black adorer and grey  lover; color adds that much needed pop into any neutral outfit. It is not in my character to wear loud colors — but there is always an exception —  but I do like to accessorize with them. Two of my most recent as well as boldest purchases are Kate Spade Alda Sunglasses in neon pink and Kate Spade Little Blaine Satchel in red.

I AM WEARING: Theory Hetty S Cashmere/ Wool Sweater // Club Monaco Zowie Skirt // Mackage Bliss Chic Coat // Kate Spade Alda Sunglasses // Miu Miu Zebra Suede Flats // Kate Spade Little Blaine Satchel // YSL Arty Ring

Those items were not an easy purchase as it felt more natural to buy beige or black, but after much thought I just loved them too much to pass. Sometimes it is more comforting to purchase a neutral color as a safe option, but it is much more fun to get an accessory that you love, even if it is bright fuchsia! My rule of thumb for purchasing an unfamiliar item is to think of at least five different outfits that I would wear it with. If in my head I can quickly think of the five looks then I won't have a problem coming up with fifteen more. Now, if you're having a hard time thinking of even two then you may want to take more time before committing. Perhaps all you need is reassurance of taking it home and trying on with number of outfits, if you're still doubtful then  returning it should always be an option.

Colors are much easier to wear in the summer which is why buying a bright red, bold fuchsia or  fun orange purse is a great idea. Personally, I have been loving pink and red combinations and since finding the glasses I have been eyeing this pair of neon pink  sandals from Kate Spade. I always find it easier to wear bright accessories when you have them something to pair with. Such as a pink pair of glasses and a fun pink ring or bracelet. In this case, I would really like to have my sunnies, match my shoes :)

But then again those are just some of my thoughts on color...how do you feel about purchasing colorful accessories?

With Love...


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