Raining Luggage

Hello Darlings, 

On a rainy day in Toronto, I went luggage shopping. I've always used a regular upright valise, but hate how wrinkled and disorganized everything was. So I am searching for a new wheeled garment bag.

To go shopping, I wore a French Connection Tee Dress and Tulula Babaton Wool Blazer. I accessorized with my opaque Calvin Klein tights and Michael Kors duck boots.

I love the bow accent on the dress. I am obsessed with bows, they are tooo cute!!!!

I am wearing:

French Connection Tee Dress

Tulula Babaton Wool Blazer

Calvin Klien Tights

Michael Kors Duck Boots

14K gold Diamond ring courtesy Ice.com

I have always believed that the more organized the bag, the more it will fit. So I bought this Atlantic Valise and Wheeled Garment Bag which has:

1)  Double detachable hooks to allow bag to hang when open.

2)  Door opening panel, which zips in for extra protection.

3)  Universal brackets to lock hangers in place and accept most hangers.


I wish you all a lovely day!!!
With Love... Marta

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