"Quality over Quantity" Investigated

Hello Darlings,

Many people have their own rules and guidelines for shopping. After receiving a wonderful e-mail from a reader, I set out to make a post about my ultimate rule "Quality over Quantity".

My personal style is all about classic pieces. Classics are less likely to go out of style, and the quality is usually better. Quality over Quantity doesn't mean expensive over cheap... Designer labels do not guarantee quality! Finding quality requires closely inspecting the garment, so in the spirit of good shopping, here are my thoughts...

Consider the Material

Choose natural fabrics over polyester or synthetics

Sweaters: I like cashmere because it is light, warm and lasts

For going out tops and dresses my preference is silk

For casual tops and dresses, my preference is 100% cotton

For shoes, always choose leather


Inspect the Fabric

It should be cut and sewn on the grain

Patterns should line up at the seams' especially at the shoulders, collar and pockets

Hold fabric to light and make sure the weave is tight, even and uniform

The fabric should also hold its shape well.

Grab the fabric at the seams with both hands, and gently pull. If the thread pulls apart, they're not sewn properly


Check the Seams and Hems

Seams and hems of a high-quality garment are always sewn straight

Hems should be nearly invisible

Garments should have at least two inches wide hems to allow for alterations.


Check the Buttons and Zippers

Check for loose buttons

Button holes in a high-quality garment are often bound with thread for durability

Zippers should move freely up and down without hesitation


Check the Trim

Trim should be sewn securely. Gently pull on the trim at different places to test.

Trim should complement the garment in color and in style


Check the Lining

The lining in suits, blazer, and jackets should be dense and opaque

If the lining was properly sewn into the garment, it will not be tight


Check the Belt

If a garment comes with a belt check it for quality

A cheap cardboard belt is a sure sign of a cheap garment.


Shoes Check

The best quality shoes are made of leather

Check the tag if you are unsure - many types of leather look "real"

Examine the sole to make sure it is firmly attached to the shoe

Extras should always be attached securely

High-quality shoes sometimes have leather heels, with a layer of rubber or nylon on the heel

Heels are usually plastic covered with leather, and the higher the price, the better the plastic

Inspect the shoe's interior. Leather interiors absorb foot moisture best

Good-quality shoes are fully lined from front to back



Care Instructions

Proper care can increase the life of your garment.

So be sure to read the label and know how to properly care for your clothes.

I understand why people prefer to buy multiple items - it's more fun! But I have learned my lessons, and almost always choose quality over quantity. For some specific advice, I will be honest and say that I am not a big fan of brands like American Apparel and Forever 21. Based on my personal experience, Forever 21 does not last past the first wash and AA is overpriced for the quality they provide. If you love the brands, I hope your experience is better, but for me - never again!


Mainstream Stores WithLove... Loves:


Juicy Couture

Club Monaco

Tory Burch

Kate Spade


Online and Retail Stores for more expensive pieces

(in order of preference):


Ssense (great selection and great sales)

Shopbop (great selection, but crazy taxes)

Bluefly (my all time favorite)

in Canada, Holt Renfrew

in England, Cruise

Saks Fifth Avenue (awesome sales)

Preferring quality over quantity is my personal belief, but it is something that takes strong will. The one quality item will serve me better than the three that I must replace in just a wear or two. You don't have to spend a fortune to get quality. It takes patience and searching, not compromising on your standards, checking for the details, and understanding what it is that you want.

And remember sales are always great for buying things that were out of your price point before... personally I buy majority of my classic pieces on sale. But do not buy something just because it is on sale, you must love it. Keep in mind that fit matters and right undergarments. As well as, make sure you pay attention to details, especially wrinkles, stains, and holes.

THE most important rule, if you don't love it, don't buy it. Buy things that make you feel beautiful and confident. Also Remember that you are going to wear them - so no matter what others think, be yourself and wear what makes you feel wonderful.


With Love...


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