Pretty Notes and Caring Gestures

Hello Darlings, As much as I love the internet, it makes me smile to receive an invitation, pretty notes or cards in the mail. Snail mail may be an outdated method of communication but nevertheless receiving those beautiful wedding invitations from friends, thank you notes from loved ones, and just-because-cards from someone special gives one a warm feeling.

Over the years, I have always sent cards for occasions like birthdays, Christmases, Valentines’ Days, and weddings, but today was the first time I was writing a baby card. As one of my closest friends in Ukraine welcomed a baby girl, I was sitting at my desk, puzzled, trying to figure out what to write. Marriage and family are a long way down the road for me; however, seeing invitations from some of my closest and dearest friends about bachelorette parties, weddings and, now, baby showers, I can’t help but think about how quickly life goes by.  With sincere wishes and congratulations, I sent my card half a world away.

I miss the formality of writing invitations and sending out thank-you notes. The gesture is so genuine, and knowing sincere thought was spent writing the card makes it that much more special. E-mail and text massages have made communication far too simple.

Speaking of making simple things, I recently have opted for a new low-maintenance approach to my dressing. Call it a style rut or call it simplicity, but my new go-to style mantra is throwing on a dress with a pair of low heels or flats.

{I AM WEARING: Wilfred Dress // Michael Kors Heels // Z Spoke by Zac Posen Purse // Chanel Sunnies} 

Craving simplicity, why are the simplest of things in life often the ones that are most enjoyable. A simple black dress, a simple pump, a simple shirt are some of the best things in life. Is it simplicity in our every day choices that we crave, or is it that we find comfort, familiarity and peace of mind in things that are uncomplicated?  This summer, it is all about effortless elegance.

With Love...


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