Pretty In Pink: Wearing Color

Hello Darlings, Is there an age limit to wear certain colors such as pink or baby blue? From what I've been told, the answer is yes if one wants to be taken seriously. So pink is only for not so serious people. While this may be the case for those who believe it, I strongly disagree.

Dressing age appropriate is important, but also saying that something cannot be worn after a certain age is silly. There is always a way to wear your favourite trend or colour that is age appropriate and looks great. So no more of that I am too old for it spiel.For me, that dilemma was my love over pink. I love pink no ifs or buts, I just love it! At first, I was weary of the called "childish" color but in the past year I have come to embrace it.

I AM WEARING: Marc by Marc Jacobs Tou Can Do It Bikini // Kate Spade Alda Sunglasses

Almost everything can be worn so long as it is worn in moderation. For example, I thought that neon pink and a yellow bikini was an ideal vacation addition as it is fun. However, there is no way that I would wear such a bold print in the city in a form of a top or a dress. Bright pink is also a lively touch when mixed with colors and worn with simple silhouettes. More so, my favorite way to wear pink is with accessories such as purses, shoes and jewelry.However overdosing on baby pink and bows is reminiscent of a baby nursery!

What’s the fun in coming up with does and don’ts when anything can work for you as long as you have the confidence and a little imagination. In my mind, pink is a perfect colour for my bubbly personality and I will always wear it. Always stay true to what you love and never allow others to tell you otherwise!

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