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Shopping is a stress reliever, but realizing what I spent this month makes me feel even more stressed out. So I got to thinking, most women love to shop, but to what extent? Is it fun or is it really an addiction? I decided to do a little research and here are some of the facts that I found:


Lets get the facts straight

Compulsive buying is a chronic tendency to buy far in excess of needs and resources

Compulsive shopping is often viewed favorably rather than treated as a problem

Nearly 6% of the U.S. population fits the compulsive-buyer classification

Compulsive buying afflicts men and women at the about the same rate

Like other addictions, shopping fills some kind of a void

Characteristics are low self-esteem, and  vulnerable to depression and high anxiety









My goodies arrived in the mail including a beautiful pair of Juicy Couture Italian leather boots
These were planned purchases. Justified?

Soia&Kyo Annisa Z Wool Coat YMC Wool Cardigan BCBG Wool Sweater H&M Stripped Dress Miss Sixty Knee Socks Givenchy Floral Tights


On a completely different note, I went to the Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Pittsburgh Penguins hockey game. I love going to the hockey games - always lots of fun :)

Photobucket I am wearing: YMC Wool Cardigan Idylle Tee J brand skinnies Minnetonka Moccasins
I wore my new YMC wool cardigan to have a casual but cute look at the hockey game. I would never be that girl wearing stilettos to a hockey game, which is surprisingly common... WOULD YOU WEAR STILETTOS TO A SPORTS EVENT?

Earlier that day

I am wearing: YMC Wool Cardigan French Connection Belle Trousers AA Sheer Rib Scoop Back Tee
Browns Couture Italian Leather Flats

My Shopping Outfit ...

It was still relatively warm and I decided to get one last use out of my fav. floral summer top
I am wearing: Spring & Clifton V Neck Cardi Sans Souci Floral Open Back Shirt Corpus Alpha in Cracked Skinnies Juicy Couture Flats H&M Head Band

" You're it " - Tagged by DapperKid

I would like to thank the awesome DapperKid for tagging me in a 25 most recently played music list.

So here it is ... ( although I am not sure that I will be able to take it to 25) 1. So What - Pink 2. Push - Enrique Iglesias 3. Just Dance - Lady GaGa 4. Dancing Queen - ABBA 5. Lay all of your love on me - ABBA 6. Fragma - Toca ME 7. When I grow up - Pussycat Dolls 8.What Ever Happened - Strokes 9. Now we are free - the song from Gladiator 10. L'incendie - Vanessa Paradis 11. Nothing like you and I - the perishers 12. When we dance - sting 13. Turn me up - Benny Benassi 14. Desert Rose - Sting 15. Bring Sally up - Moby 16. I don't want to miss a thing - Aerosmith ( my favorite song of all times) 17. Du Hast - Ramstein 18. All about us - TATU 19. Paper Planes - M.I.A 20. Keep Getting Better - Christina Aguilera

I decided to tag the beautiful Lisa from LeeseLooks to list her recent 25 played songs ... Enjoy :)



I wish you all a lovely MONDAY and keep smiling :)

With Love... MARTA

Sourced Used: LiveScience article on " The Truth About Shopaholics;Saks

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