Park Hyatt: Masters of Food & Wine

Hello Darlings, From Moscow to Milan, and Tokyo to Toronto,  Park Hyatt hosts fabulous culinary experiences called "Masters of Food & Wine" on the turn of each season. Last night, I was kindly invited to the upscale Park Hyatt in Toronto for a " Bourbon and Barbecue" event to celebrate summer solstice and sample and learn all-things bourbon!

World famous bourbon whiskey maker Beam Inc. partnered with Park Hyatt to host the event, where Distillery Diplomat Matt Jones guided the group (about 40 people) through a tasting of six different bourbon brands. We started with the lowest percentage alcohol brands such as Jim Beam Black and Devil's Cut. Round three was my personal favorite - Maker's Mark - followed by the stronger and more exotic Knob Creek and Booker's Bourbon brands.

After the sampling lesson, Matt treated the group to summery cocktails including my favorite with strawberries that he marinated in bourbon for 3 days! The special events room at the Park Hyatt has a stunning view over-looking Toronto facing south from Yorkville, and sipping my strawberry cocktail with this view was a real treat!

I learned so many interesting facts about bourbon, including:

    • Beam bourbon whiskey is made at the distillery near Louisville Kentucky.
    • Oak barrels are used only once and then sold for re-use to other whiskey distilleries.
    • Due to differences in weather, whiskey makers can accomplish in 6 years what it takes 30 years to accomplish in Scotland.
    • Bourbon is one of the fastest growing alcohol categories in the liquor store.
    • All bottles of Maker's Mark are still dipped by hand in the famously distinct red wax.
    • Mixologist Matt recommends mixing Makers Mark with ginger ale (and not Coke).

Maker's Mark Wax Dipping from Marta Tryshak on Vimeo.

After our bourbon tasting, Park Hyatt Toronto Executive Chef Joan Monfaredi treated the group to a delicious four course dinner in true Canadian style with two courses of barbecue steak. My favorite was the chili garlic rubber steak bavette.

I AM WEARING: Wilfred Little Moon Silk Chiffon Dress // Sergio Zelcer Chill Leopard Sandal // Kate Spade Little Blaine Satchel // Marc by Marc Jacobs Big Idea Mirror Watch // Tai Weave Crystal Bracelet 

The event attracted a wonderful crowd, and I strongly recommend  trying out the experience for a special date night especially with how stunning the view from Park Hyatt rooftop patio is. To see a calendar of events including all the unique events hosted by the other Park Hyatt Hotels worldwide - and for contact details to sign up for the next event at the Park Hyatt Toronto - visit this link. It was truly an amazing culinary experience!

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