Hello Darlings,Well, today was an ordinary day... school, study... ooh yea, and babysitting my 5 year old cousin. He and I had a blast watching Transformers movie.

Aanyways, on to the important issues and posts coming up: 1) V-day Enough said... Whats a girl to wear? What are you planning on wearing ( if celebrating)?

2) Spring Wardrobe Well, it is -20 and I am already planning out my spring wardrobe. Leather jacket was the starting point. Definitely something so post about...hehe

What do you think are this Spring essentials? What are you planning on buying?

3) Shopping on a Student Budget. Over a certain period of time, I've received comments and e-mails asking" How can I afford/organize my wardrobe on a student budget?" I actually have quite a technique that works for me and does not require crazy amounts of money. So, I will definately make a post regarding that in the near future...I am actually really thrilled to do it.

If there's anything you would want me to talk about, do not hesitate to ask. I am always open to any questions/suggestions.

My Favorite Nook

Well, today's outfit was pretty simple...I was too lazy to be creative and really didn't want to go to my German class. One thing I've learned in University is DON'T START A LANGUAGE IN A UNIVERSITY. It will slowly murder you.... like German is murdering me now. But a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do....get a tutor ( as if 4 hour lectures are not enough)

But no serious damage done here.... A trip to Starbucks after class was all it took to make things better... And After a Grande Mocha and 3 chocolate cupcakes I was ready for homework, AGAIN.
I am wearing: YMC Socu Wool Cardigan Gap Pima Cotton Tee Corpus Skinnies in Ash Kimberly Baker Dove Necklace Michael Kors Booties
Sure, designers can make their " affordable" tees costing $100 but for me nothing beats GAP pima cotton tees with a little pocket. I have them in few colors. Not only are they soft... but are very flattering.

I bet many of you wonder... why do I always take picture in the same place.Well... 1) I hate taking pics in public... I'm kind of shy in that way. 2) It is like -20 outside. 3) I like taking pics in the privacy of my room with nobody's help. I just place my camera on a shelf and point towards my favorite nook. hehe... no fancy photography skills here.

Tip: If you live in cold climate ( like me) invest in a cute sweater that's warm and basic. Although I paid nearly $200 for this cardi... I've been wearing it non stop. Comfy, cute, super warm, and goes with about anything. It will work perfectly in the spring and fall. And because the quality is amazing and the cut is pretty classic it will probably last me a few winters.I really really love it, as well.

Anyways, back I go... I am writing a textbook review for my research. So not fun.

I wish you all an amazing day !!!

With Love... Marta
Sources: Costume Magazine; La Couturier

Need time....

Alice & Olivia Sequin Top