My Top Ten Wardrobe featured on Fabricate This!

Hello Darlings,

The lovely Christina of Fabricate This has kindly invited me to share my Top Ten Wardrobe Essentials on her blog. I had a lots of fun creating this post as it was quite difficult to wrap my head around just 10 items that I can't live without! It feels like everything I own is a necessity that I can't live without :) So I  continuously went back and forth at eliminating bunch of items from the list until it came down to these ten:

Fabulous Jacket

Chic Flats

Black Skinnies

Men's Shirt

Cashmere Cardi

Fun Heels

Luxurious Scarfs

Cute Purse

Men's Watch

Knock-Out Dress

In the rest of the post, I specifically go over the styles that I love and why... so be sure to check it out by CLICKING HERE!

P.S. I will be hosting another giveaway!!! So be sure to check back throughout this week!

Wishing Everyone a Lovely Day!!!

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