My Passion in Hayden Cashmere

Hello Darlings, 

This blog is very personal and truly does represent who I am. So today I thought to write about my studies in fine art and architecture at the University of Toronto (with a few style photos interspersed of my new Hayden Cashmere sweater - since this is a fashion blog after all).

Here's a bit of info about my life as a student .... :P

I am going into my third year at the University of Toronto doing a specialist in Fine Art and Architecture. I am also learning German and doing research with four different professors, and it is my hope that one day I can share my passion by educating and further researching in this field... maybe doing my PhD or becoming a professor myself, following in the footsteps of my family.... who always inspire and support me (Дуже дякую за вашу підтримку) Therefore, I have decided to include the occasional  Fine Art and Architecture posts... I hope that you enjoy them and if there is anything that you would like to suggest, please do so my leaving me a comment or e-mailing me :D

I am wearing: Hayden Fuchsia Cashmere Sweater J brand Skinnies Browns Couture Italian Leather Flats TNA Wool Scarf Swarowski Love Charm Bracellet SCROLL DOWN FOR MY POST ON LEONARDO DA VINCI .... :)

Addictive Personality... Eden Trattoria

Art and Architecture Pick ..... Leonardo Da Vinci