My Birthday, Packing, and Las Vegas....

Hello Darlings, Yay.... It's my 21st Birthday!!!!

So, Happy Birthday to me!!! And thank you to my parents!!!!

Well, my 21st birthday trip to Las Vegas is today... and I need a little bit of inspiration as to what to take, wear, and do.

Wrapping my head around on what to pack.... ughh, packing is brutal (put something in the suitcase, take something out... put something, etc)!


So here it is... I intend on sticking to my usually style - no extra skin, no sexing things up, just normal me :P


♥ Swimming Pool...

- Interesting and glamorous swimsuits - Demure cover-up - Flirty Dresses -Sandals/flats - Floppy Hat ( I have yet to find one) - Sunglasses - Intriguing!
♥Day Casual...
- Shorts - Flats - Cute Tees - Delicate Accessories - Sunglasses -Sassy!

♥Day Dressy...

- Pretty, feminine Dresses -Opened Toe heels or platforms -Sweet! 


-Mid-length Dresses - Classy Cuts - Classic Pumps - Interesting Accessories -Demure!


-Sequins -Skinny Jeans -Sexy Heels -Simple Tops - Simple silk dresses -Pretty Clutches -Dressy Shorts -Blazers -Leather Jackets - Gorgeous!

Night Club...

- Pretty dresses - pretty skirts with simple tops - Sky-high heels - Nothing over the top - Show lots of leg. - Be creative. - Keep it demure but sexy - Dolled up and Beautiful!

I wish you all a beautiful day!!!!

With Love... Marta

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I am back... :)

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