Mother's Day in Repetto

Hello Darlings,

Wishing every mother a happy Mother's Day! On this special day every mother should receive a huge hug and thanks, for all those hours spent in labor and for being a total trooper! As I am shy conveying emotions, a special thanks her to my own greatest mother in the world!

This year, my Mother’s Day was action-packed and required a comfortable outfit. My day started with a wonderful brunch and fun times spent outdoors with a very cute bunch (Thank you!). The second half of the day was filled with majorly girly things like getting a mani and pedi and watching “Something Borrowed”, which was wonderful!

When a “festive” touch is needed, you can always add a beautiful silk blouse to your outfit. My blouse felt perfect on a breezy, warm summer day, while my tailored silk jacket added elegance.  I think that the laid back feel of ballerinas and cargo pants were balanced well by a beautiful and tailored silk blouse and jacket. Whenever you want to feel more pulled together, a useful trick is to add a piece that is a bit fancier or meant to be worn in the evening.  It will add a bounce to your step and a classy touch to your look!

I am wearing:
Wilfred Little Moon Chiffon Blouse
Wilfred Lyon Pants
Diane Von Furstenberg Roccoco Armour Silk Jacket
3.1 Phillip Lim Simon Sunnies
Repetto "Rose Amour" Ballet Flats
Michael Kors Watch
14K Gold Diamond Ring courtesy Jewelers

I am especially excited to share my new pair of pink Repetto ballet flats. During the 10 years that I practiced ballet, Repetto was the only brand that I danced in. Repetto is the classic that has been worn by the likes of Bardot and Hepburn. As a ballet flat addict, I say these are a whole new level of perfection. I adore Bloch and Juicy Couture for comfort and quality, but Repetto is worth the extra spend (about $300 CAD). Behind such a legendary shoe is a story that is as fascinating as the women that have worn this brand:

" Before she was an actress, a sex kitten, and a fashion icon, Brigitte Bardot was a trained ballet dancer. She was also a loyal and devoted fan of Repetto pointe shoes. When Bardot signed on to be in Roger Vadim's 1954 film, And God Created Woman, she asked Rose Repetto to make her a pair of flats to wear during that now legendary mambo scene. Mme Repetto, working out her tiny walk-up shop on Rue de la Paix, created a pair of crimson flats for Bardot, which the actress instantly adored. When the film debuted, Bardot and the ballet flats become overnight sensations. Then, a year later, when Hepburn donned her own pair for her dancing scene in Funny Face, the shoes once again flew from the silver screen to the streets. Now, fifty years later, the same ballet flats that Bardot and Hepburn adored are as desirable as ever." ( Quote from Nina Garcia's The One Hundred)
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What is your favorite pair of ballet flats???

With Love...


Post proofread by Iris Braunstein

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