Modern Dilemma of Flares...

Hello Darlings,

I just had a day of successful shopping, and rediscovered my love for Burberry flares and scored two pieces from Wilfred's Little Moon line. It's amazing how little I need to feel a huge amount of happiness :P Just kidding, but it is true the smallest things make me ridiculously happy. Such as hearing the perfect song on the radio, finding a cute new cafe, and of course to spend time with family and friends.


I am having a love / hate relationship with flares. Some days I really love them and then there are other days... On the days when I adore them, I can't help but gush to my mom about how awesome they fit. However, there are days that I can't help but toss them to the back of my closet. Why, you might ask?


I have absolutely no idea why I feel soo dramatic about them... but at times flares seem to me a bit outdated and decadent. What do you say... love or hate the idea of flares?


I also would like to share my new 2 carat black& white diamond necklace courtesy of jewelers. The necklace is exquisite and elegant. Thank you Emily :) And for my darling readers, is offering up to 75% off the 10 items in Summer Styles section, as well as 20% off of all of jewelry by using FBSS2 at the checkout or using  this link,  click here!

Returning to my dilemma over flares, the main issues are getting the proportions right and balancing flares with heels or wedges. Here are professional suggestions from Nina Garcia's  The One Hundred:

Only wear wide-legged styles with something fitted on top, to balance the bulk on the bottom.

Leave the hemline a little long—too short is not a good look.

A flat front is more flattering than pleats.

Be careful of pocket placement— no flaps on your hips, it will widen instead of slim your hips.

I am wearing:
Burberry Dark Indigo Wash Flare Leg— from Holt Renfrew Last Call
♥ Talula Babaton Semi-Sheer Tee— from Aritzia, Sherway
Charlotte Ronson Dietrich Sandals—from
2 carat black& white diamond necklace courtesy of jewelers
♥ Barba Rihl  leather Purse—from Holt Renfrew Last Call
Ray Ban Wayfarer II—from


P.S.  I also just bought Tim Gunn's A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style and can't wait to share!

Wishing Everyone a Beautiful Day!!!

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