Mobile Etiquette

Mobile Etiquette

Hello Darlings, My dependency on the phone has come to a point where I panic when I can't find it in my purse. The search for it turns into a major crises where at times I will come to a point of crying. The reason behind this mobile anxiety is my work and life balance. My phone contains my Outlook schedule which alone runs my life. There's also the Whatsapp, iMessage and Snapchat that I use obsessively to stay in touch with friends and family — short and sweet but always up to date.

My phone is no longer used for calling but mainly for image communication and email composition. It is safe to say that when I am not on my laptop, I am on my phone. I sleep with my phone on my night stand and the first thing I do when I wake up is check my email and social media feeds. My life is on my phone and I've come to embrace it however as much as I love it, I also dread the lack of manners that comes with this little gizmo. It seems that most people figure that engaging with your phone can never be offensive, however quite the opposite. Here are few pointers to consider when using your mobile friend:

Work If you are at work you should be present at work, be respectful and realize someone is paying you for your time. In today's world smartphone use has merged its way into the workplace as a tool, if your workplace provides you with a phone, be conscientious and use it accordingly.

Mealtime Manners — Keep your phone away during mealtimes. Table manners aren't dead yet, so be polite and keep your phone in your purse or pocket and on silent. Do not leave on the table either.

Personal Space — Keep your distance and a respectable volume while engaging in phone conversations. Everyone has a personal space and no one wants to hear your private details. Don't talk in elevators or in small spaces either, its rude and awkward for the other parties. 

Face to Face  — When having a conversation with someone do give them your undivided attention and do not text or check your phone consistently. A poll conducted for Nokia texting while in a conversation  as number four on the top pet peeve list for cellular users. Respect the individual and their time.

Safe Driving — Don't text and drive,  this is not the time to multitask.  4.6 Seconds is the amount of time a driver spends looking at the phone while driving instead of at the road. 

Public Places— Do not use your smartphone while purchasing something, ordering food, or at the bank with the teller. It is in bad taste to not give the person serving you your full attention for that quick moment. Do place your phone on silent or vibrate and refrain from using it in the Cinema, at a funeral, in Church, etc.

Voice ControlLoud cellular users are a huge problem. They also find themselves on the top of the pet peeve list. The person on the other end can hear you fine, don't yell.

Music Volume — Be sure to keep your music volume low, not everyone likes the same music as you. Make sure your volume is low enough people surrounding you can't hear what you're listening to.

Delivering News — Don't use texting as a way out of bad news or cancelling for that matter. No one wants to be broken up with, fired, informed the death of, any news that should really be delivered in person or over a phone call.

Don't Be Flaky — “39 percent of cell owners say that people they know have complained because they don’t respond promptly to phone calls or text messages.” Without encouraging cellphone dependency in this already digital age, just remember to give a timely response once noticing a missed call or message instead of flaking out on the reply altogether. This rule is equally important in a work setting.

So the next time the screen lights up think twice about your company and how offensive it may be to them. When a phone or  an iPad comes as a distraction, you're simply disrespecting another individual and the time that they have chosen to dedicate to you. Respect that time! Otherwise, enjoy your gizmodo for as long as it not offensive to others.

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